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I think I agree with Penn Jillette…

… and his views on Obama and his drug policy. Indeed, the 750,000 people in jail on minor drug busts are overburdening our economy and it is no joke.

Take a look:

Penn, of course, is NOT a drug user and I admire his position (I also like his glasses, which are Superfocus like mine).

Romney’s Lies of the Week are back again…

Steve Benen has 16 of them this week… here are three of them:



  • On taxes, Romney argued, “I’m not looking to lower the tax burden paid by the highest-income Americans. That’s a fundamental principle.”

That’s a fundamental falsehood. Romney’s plan slashes taxes on the wealthy.

  • On a related note, he added, “I’m looking, if there’s any break at all, the break will go to middle-income Americans that have been most hurt by the Obama economy.”

In reality, it’s the rich, not the middle class, that primarily benefits from Romney’s tax plan.

The Romney campaign has never been able to point to a single credible example of Obama attacking success.

Read the rest of them HERE (this is Steve’s 19th week of documentation…you’d think Mitt would realize he’s being covered and just stop it.)

No Islamic Law in Kansas (were these folks really worrying about it?)

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has now signed a bill banning the

Sam Brownback, Freedom’s Hero

state’s courts or government agencies from basing decisions on Islamic Law (or any other foreign legal code). This, of course, is something that was keeping the good people of Kansas up all night wondering when Allah was going to take over their fast food restaurants and soap operas.

The law takes effect on July 1, and doesn’t specifically mention Shariah law, which broadly refers to codes within the Islamic legal system. It says courts, administrative agencies or state tribunals can base no rulings on any foreign law or legal systems that do not grant the same rights as those guaranteed by state and U.S. constitutions.

Let’s take this a step further… a national Muslim group is apparently planning a court challenge. the American Public Policy Alliance, a Michigan group promoting model legislation similar to the new Kansas law…it wants to protect Americans’ freedoms from “infiltration” by foreign laws and legal doctrines, “especially Islamic Shariah Law.” Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, said a court challenge is likely because supporters of the measure frequently expressed concern about Shariah law. also, If Brownback “claims it has nothing to do with Shariah or Islamic law or Muslims, then he wasn’t paying attention.

I guess we’ll keep an eye on Kansas for a while and see the result of protecting our freedoms and all. These are tough times.

A lovely Saturday…

I took a long ride in to WSHC this morning along the love;y Potomac River. There were fishermen out casting in those little flat-bottom boats with the tiny outboards, and people just sitting on their porches looking out at the Potomac’s flow.

Much as I dislike living in West Virginia, I have to admit that the countryside is beautiful. And there are so many different kinds of birds (from bright red cardinals to dingy black vultures) to track along the back roads.

Today I’ll be doing my show from 11 AM to 1 PM on 89.7 FM (as a 1000 watt station we have a range of about 30 miles from downtown Shepherdstown), or we are streamed live on http://897wshc.org if you are anywhere else in the world. The show is “Talk To Me” and the phone number to do so is 304-876-5369 (if you can squeeze in a call between my regulars). I do song challenges (my score is pretty good – you name it and it’s likely I can play it), music out of my library, discussions of politics and local or national events… whatever you want to talk about.

So tune in if you get a chance.