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Joe Bratcher made a donation to the blog today and I’m thrilled!

My thanks to Joe Bratcher for today’s great donation to Under The LobsterScope. Thanks, Joe, I’m so glad to have you as a regular.

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Oh, hell…another video before I drop off for the evening…

Romney Vs. Reality…

Is it that he speaks without having listened? Or does he think the true reality of things is so unimportant?

Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver…

There’s nothing I need more than a laugh after listening to politicians all day (and installing living room curtains). I came across this treasure while bloghopping: Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver. (You saw it, didn’t you?)

Have a great evening.

Romney says he deserves a lot of credit for saving the Auto Industry…

What? It was Romney’s idea to invest a lot in the Auto Companies? Isn’t he the one who said “Let Detroit go bankrupt”?

Now, speaking in Chrysler heavy Ohio, Romney is taking credit for Obama’s actions… they were his idea.

Yeah. Sure.

How does he sit down at all when his pants are always on fire?

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Robert Reich Illustrates the 7 Economic Lies…

If it’s not clear to you yet, Reich‘s explanations can be very revealing:

Pass this on to anyone who doesn’t see what conservative Republicans are doing to the economy. If we all stand up against it… especially in the upcoming Congressional Elections… we can bring back a growing and successful America.

Maurice Sendak dies at 83…

Anyone who has had children in the last few decades knows who Maurice Sendak was. The amazing children’s author and illustrator published the kind of kids books that did so much more than just tell stories… they stimulated the imagination and bonded parents to kids as they read together.

From “Where the Wild Things Are” to “In the Night Kitchen“(controversial in 1973 for illustrations of a naked hero-child), which was my favorite…and I think Buddy’s, too, Sendak was rewarded often… the Caldecott Medal and the National Book Award were just two of his honors.

He was an advisor to The Children’s television Workshop and worked on a number of television adaptations of his books.

As Al Roker said on the Today show this morning:

“A bit of our childhood has passed.”