Bill and Ellen are now at home in Williamsport, MD

Hello – I am updating this page for Bill. We are in our second week at Bill’s daughter Penny’s house in Williamsport, MD.

It has been quite a change and adjustment for us. We had to change our doctors and activities from Frederick, MD to Hagerstown, MD. Bill does need someone with him at all times since he is a fall risk. He has completed 20 sessions of radiation and 20 days of chemo. When the Chemo and Radiation are complete, we will have to wait two more weeks. Then they will do an MRI to see how he has responded. He is enjoying Penny’s cooking, and watching cable TV. He misses his dogs and friends and posting to his BLOG. I hope he will be updating this BLOG himself soon!


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  1. I there. I thought I’d left a comment when this first came out but apparently it didn’t take. Just wanted to say hello and give him my best wishes. I hope Bill is doing well.

  2. Get well, soon!

  3. May the universe be kind and may you and your family find strength to weather this time in your lives. may healing, light and love be yours.

  4. is it cold where you live? i would love to send a hat. let me know, please.

  5. Wishing Bill well from on old blogging colleague at the Motley Moose and elsewhere. Will be praying for you.

    Shaun Appleby

  6. Dear Bill: sending bestest wishes for healing and strength. Dear Ellen and Penny and others who love and care for Bill: comfort and strength to you-all.

  7. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Bill! From a new/old Moose.

  8. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. bjm

  9. Hi Bill,
    We haven’t met yet, but I’m looking forward to meeting you on the Moose. Sending energy and thoughts your way for a quick recovery.
    Kathlene aka Khloe

  10. Virginia (iriti from Motley Moose)

    Sending prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  11. I’m a new Moose so you don’t know me and I want to wish you a full recovery soon.
    Best, nannyboz.

  12. Hello from Williamsport PA. I did 3 yrs of driving my mom to chemo and radiation treatments. Take care of yourself and your marriage first or you won’t be any good to anyone.

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