What Is A LobsterScope?

If you think it is a viewing device to observe shellfish, you are mistaken.

A Lobster Scope is a piece of stage lighting equipment, generally a rotating disk with a couple of slits in it that spins in front of a spotlight.

The flashing light that the Lobster Scope produces is similar in effect to a strobe light… indeed, the Lobster Scope was in use for decades before the strobe was even available. The stroboscopic effect of the lighting instrument is used to create the illusion of slow motion, or to indicate the passage of time.

I’ve used Lobster Scopes in a number of productions because they are easy and cheap to build and fun to use.

I have named this blog Under The LobsterScope (and also given that name to my Tuesday Morning podcast) to indicate that we are focusing on our own time… slowing down a bit so we can analyze it and appreciate what is going on.

  1. Theatre veteran here, too, and I’m sitting here up in the Interior of British Columbia listening to 89.7 and reading your fascinating bio. I’m very glad I stopped by!

  2. As a theatre veteran, I love the blog name. Love the blog. Looking forward to reading more.

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