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Realizing how much I have come to depend on my wonderful Superfocus glasses.

For the last few weeks I have been wearing my new Superfocus Leonardos, the new Italian design frames for the amazing focusable glasses I discovered a couple of years ago.

My original pair is a very modernist design called Bauhaus. My wife was so impressed with them that she bought a pair as well.

People are always asking “Where do you get those glasses?” and we give people the source and refer them to the Superfocus web site, show them the Penn Gillette ads, and demonstrate the ease of use and the focusing action of our specs.

The Bauhaus focuses with a sliding device and the new Leonardos have a rotating dial that is virtually invisible to onlookers. Both methods are very easy to use and I am so used to them I rarely even realize that I’m carrying out the focusing.

Interested? Go Here:

I think I agree with Penn Jillette…

… and his views on Obama and his drug policy. Indeed, the 750,000 people in jail on minor drug busts are overburdening our economy and it is no joke.

Take a look:

Penn, of course, is NOT a drug user and I admire his position (I also like his glasses, which are Superfocus like mine).

I have high praise for Superfocus’ Customer Support Dept.

Wearing my Superfocus Lenses

First, let me repeat what I have said before, I love my Superfocus glasses… if it were just for seeing what I’m doing on the computer alone (or, for that matter, doing NY Times crossword puzzles with their teensy-weensy numbers and clues) they would be worth it. But there is much more… it is easier to see when I’m driving, movies are a whole new experience and my neck doesn’t hurt from moving my head up and down like I did with bi-focals.

Now that I have the basic level of praise out of the way, let me give you a view of a customer service department that left an impression on me that I am not used to from other companies. They were pleasant, understanding and quick to solve my problem (considering I’m in West Virginia and they are in California.)

I needed my liquid lenses (the back lenses… too much to explain here… go to and they’ll show you how these things are constructed) looked at and have some accidental scratches removed. I was worried that this would not be under the Warranty… but my wife was seeing the same problem with hers, and apparently it was how we were cleaning dust off the lenses.) I started by calling Superfocus and speaking with a representative who immediately said they’d like to have their Quality Control guy have a look at them and then they’d fix them They emailed a UPS shipping label and packing instructions to me. THEY paid for the shipping (that won my stingy heart right there) and I got a tracking number so I could make sure it got there.

Two days after they received the package they had looked at it, replaced the lenses and frames, and sent it back to me by priority mail I know, you are saying “so what?”… any company would do that on a warranty product. But let me tell you this, they were able to send me the completed job right away BECAUSE THEY STARTED MAKING ME A NEW SET OF FRAMES AND LIQUID LENSES BEFORE THEY EVEN RECEIVED MY ORIGINALS.

What’s more, they made a new set for my wife because I had mentioned she was having the same problem… and they shipped them before she even sent her other frames back (the also forwarded a free package label so she could do that now.)

Today, we both received our updated frames and liquid lenses and they were perfect… we also got a phone call and e-mail letting us know that everything was covered, fixed and on the way back… and they thanked us for being customers.

I couldn’t recommend these folks any higher (so I’m putting a copy of one of their ads here, on the house.)