I think I agree with Penn Jillette…

… and his views on Obama and his drug policy. Indeed, the 750,000 people in jail on minor drug busts are overburdening our economy and it is no joke.

Take a look:

Penn, of course, is NOT a drug user and I admire his position (I also like his glasses, which are Superfocus like mine).

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  1. He is, of course, correct. About 15 years ago, I was at home one evening, getting ready for bed, when I heard an explosion. The next thing I know, there are 20 armed, masked men in my house, and I’m on the floor with one of their knees in my back. I did 2 1/2 years for $40.00 worth of grass. As I was being led away, I happened to recognize one of the officers, even with his mask. So I asked him, “Why the concussion grenades and the SWAT team? This is a small town. You know me. You know I’m not violent.”
    He looked around, then whispered one word. “Overtime.”
    You see, it’s all crime. But crime doesn’t pay on a small scale. It pays on a big one. And when the crime becomes big enough, it begins to govern.
    Because of that experience, there are certain things I will never have in this life. No matter what my talents, I’m relegated to low-paying service jobs that preclude me from ever owning my own home, or saving for retirement, among other things. I can’t effect peaceful change by voting, as that most basic of rights is being held for a very large ransom by the state.
    So be it. If I’m to serve, I’ll endeavor to do it well. I’m hardly alone. There are millions like me. Thousands more every year. By the time there are more felons, than non-felons, it will be way too late. Obviously, society as a whole is done no favors by this.

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