An Update on Bill’s Condition

Hello – I am updating this blog for Bill. He has tried to do his own update but has not been successful at this point.He is sitting here comfortably, watching MSNBC keeping up with what is going on in the political world.  His son Will is visiting and we are at his daughter Penny’s house. I have plans to go to get our dogs to bring them to visit Bill tomorrow.

Things have progressed rapidly in his health and we have no choice but to share something with his readers. Over the years, this BLOG has been a mainstay in Bill’s life. He has enjoyed writing it and sharing it with his readers as well as visiting other related BLOGs and has developed a true community. This has been a truly wonderful part of Bill’s daily existence.

He followed through valiantly in his chemo and radiation for the brain tumor. The four week MRI showed that the tumor did shrink considerably. However he also has been diagnosed with an additional tumor. We are told it may be from the throat, neck or lymph nodes. The tests to find out exactly where are not very comfortable.  To radiate the new tumor and do two different chemo-therapies at the same time would severely tax a younger, healthier person… so Bill has entered the Hospice Program of Washington County.

His daughter Penny and I are doing all that we can to make him comfortable. Relatives and friends are coming to visit.  I know this BLOG reaches all over the globe.  If you are in our geographic area and would like to visit, please plan to do so.

He enjoys very short visits.

If you have his email feel free to contact him or send a card. I am not sure whether Bill is answering all his direct emails or face book messages at this point. My email is I will give you the mailing address for cards and local directions.

Please keep him in your thoughts and thank you all for the cards and kind wishes that have been sent our way.

Ellen (Bill’s wife)

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  1. Rootin’ for ya Bill!


  2. Ellen – I didn’t know what was going on with Bill because I haven’t visited this blog in a while. He and I used to comment quite a bit back and forth – we have CT in common – but it’s been some time. This morning I found myself revisiting old friends to see what’s happening iwth everyone. I am so sorry to read this news and also for what he and you all hve been going through. Please give Bill my very very best wishes. Tell him that even though we’ve not been in touch recently, I’ve treasured his friendship.

  3. justwilliam1959

    Ellen, pass on my best wishes to Bill from another Bill 🙂 I’m across the big pond and have always enjoyed Bill’s posts! Take care of him and yourself xxx

  4. Thanks for letting us know. It’s a brave but sad choice. I’m sorry we never got the chance to meet IRL. May his transition be an easy one. :`-(

  5. I wish I wasn’t all the way across the country. I feel cheated, having never met him in person. The world is a better place with him in it, and will be diminished when he leaves. I lost my older brother last labor day, and my younger brother earlier this month. When we’re young, we all know that there will come a time when the world stops giving you things, and start taking them away. There’s no way to prepare for it, unfortunately. We always think that the best of us will live on forever. In a way, they do. I hope you leave this blog up as long as you can. It will serve as a reminder to those who come across it, that what is truly good in this world is not as uncommon as we may sometimes think. Damn.

  6. I’m sorry to hear this news about Bill, but glad to know he is still watching MSNBC which is no doubt keeping those feisty juices flowing. I will keep you and Bill in a positive light for healing and peace. Lisa

  7. I’m a follower of Bill’s blog (though I don’t comment often). Thank you so much for keeping all of us in the Blog World posted on his condition. Though a lot of us stay quiet, we’re still reading, and we still care. Sending positive thoughts and warm wishes to you, Bill and your family.

  8. Bill, thank you for all the information you’ve shared with us, information we might never have known about without you ferreting it out and disseminating it to us, your loyal blog followers. I appreciate you. Sincerely, Roberta

  9. Ellen, I am so sorry to hear this about Bill. I had only recently met him, working together on FLUENT magazine, and he might not even remember me. But I remember how he would sit quietly in a brainstorming meeting, seemingly unfazed by all the chattering from Nancy McKeithen, Ginny Fite and myself. And when we finally wore ourselves out, Bill would speak. And gift us with an idea that was a perfect fit! I wish you and Bill peace. Sheila

    Sheila Kelly Vertino Writer/Communicator 591 Steamboat Run Rd. Shepherdstown, WV 25443 571-277-4192 “Why walk when you can fly?”

  10. Hi,
    This is Patti from Germany. I am an American expatriate living here. Please let Bill know that I miss his blog and his sense of humor. I might not have agreed with all His views, but his writing is simply refreshing.
    I will be thinking of you Bill.

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