About Bill Tchakirides

From THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK, Directed by Bill Tchakirides at Full Circle Theater

66-year-old retiree, First Year Baby Boomer, father and grandfather! I’ve done a lot of things in my life — Stage Director, Network Manager, College and Prep School Teacher, Lighting Designer, Computer Geek, Broadway Producer, Justice of the Peace, Theatre Electrician, Commercial Photographer, Non-Profit Administrator, Publisher, Playwright, Usability Tester, Tour Guide in a Cape Cod Candle Factory.
I spent 3 years looking for a full-time job after my whole department (all of us over 55 years old) was laid off by Computer Sciences Corporation. Eventually the dismal economy forced me into retirement, although I still do some interesting computer assignments at home for concerned customers.
I have a wife (Elly), two daughters (Cassandra and Penny), a son (Will, who we call Buddy) and four grandsons (John, Milo, Jason and Jacob). In my spare time I have played around in community theatres, designed and sold fonts for desktop publishing (UTF Type Foundry), created this blog and done other things to amuse myself.
Right now I’m co-host on a Friday morning radio show called “Winners And Losers” with my friend John Case  and doing my own Saturday show – “Talk To Me” – on WSHC, Shepherdstown (89.7 FM… get it on line at http://www.897wshc.org).
We just moved out into the country to a little “farmette” just over the Harpers Ferry line from our townhouse in Shepherdstown, WV. Life changes all the time.

E-mail me at btchakir@mac.com

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