The Memorials the Oscars Left Out…

My pal Joe Bratcher turned me on to this in Facebook. As I looked at the list, I realized that there were some great… and important to our cultural historyactors and actresses left out of the Academy Award‘s “In Memoriam” segment.

Nicole Williamson? How could they?

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  1. Jeeez – it’s not as if these were obscure figures… wow = actually watching this i was shocked to realise that some were dead.
    The person they DID include was George Kuchar – that was exciting, rather a watershed.
    In case you don;t know he. and his brother Mike, were seminal “underground” filmmakers who pre-date John Waters in a kind of ???? how would you describe that aesthetic? Well, their films included “The Cravan Sluck.” “Hold me while I’m Naked,” ….and my mind has just gone blank (that’s not a title it’s a fact of my life)

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