Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

Spring Ahead!

We lose an hour of sleep tonight, so remember to set your clocks and watches (and computers and cell phones if they don’t do it automatically) ahead one hour.

Don’t let it get you down, though. It means there’s one more hour of sunshine in the early evening when we start doing the after work gardening or pet exercising or just casual coffee drinking on the front porch. Ahhh, Daylight Savings Time.

It gives Santorum and Romney an extra hour of campaigning in daylight, when people can really see them. Too bad for Newt, though… vampires come out an hour later.

I guess we’ll just consider it springtime and hope there is no return to the cold.

Were starting our second week of major moving…

The truck and the Shepherd University boys are out again today to do two more runs from the townhouse to the farmette…and even then we won’t be done. I did 2.5 carloads yesterday with the help of my buddy John Case (thanks so much, John) and another carload the day before and will probably be doing them all week.

Meanwhile the new house is a pile of boxes and other unpacked items waiting for racks and shelves to show up… hopefully we’ll put lots of these things away this week. I especially would like to see the kitchen more workable.

Right now I’m over at WSHC waiting for my show to start (an hour earlier and an hour shorter today due to baseball season)… then I’ll be going over to the townhouse to fill my car while the boys fill the truck.

Onward and upward.