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How Obama Raised the Price of Gas (according to the Right)

We all know, as the Repiglicants have told us over and over, that the gas prices are going up because oil in the middle east costs more and Obama refuses to increase oil production here in the good ole USA.

What? That’s not true? You think Obama has actually allowed more oil drilling here than previous (read Repiglicant) administrations?

Well, here’s the facts:

Hmmm. Perhaps he’s keeping it all for himself.

Looking for something to read on a Sunday?

Here’s some cheerful education:

The Strange, Fascinating History of the Vibrator

The sex toy has its roots in the prude Victorian era — but its history tells us a lot about the current attack upon women’s sexuality.
Go HERE and have a great read.

Quote for the Morning – Santorum has it in the bag (trash bag, of course)

“If we’re able to come out of Illinois with a huge or surprise win, I guarantee you, I guarantee you that we will win this nomination.”

Rick Santorum

Guarantee? Is Illinois a “winner take all” state? Did everyone forget that the Santorum campaign failed to file a full slate of delegates in four districts in Illinois so odds are Romney will emerge the delegate winner despite who wins the state.

Politicians who make guarantees are worth ignoring.

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Get out, Get out, Get out!

Rob Rogers in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

Get out, Get out, Get out!

– and –


Kevin Siers in the Charlotte Observer:

Get out, Get out, Get out!

– and –


Lee Judge in the Kansas City Star:

Get out, Get out, Get out!

– and –


Jim Morin in the Miami Herald:

Get out, Get out, Get out!

– and –


Dan Wasserman in the Boston Globe:

Get out, Get out, Get out!