Daily Archives: March 30, 2012

This is turning out to be a really bad day…

 Oh no, say it ain’t so. Where will I follow Keith to now?
From the LA Times:
A source familiar with the situation said Olbermann was fired Thursday morning, after managers grew increasingly frustrated with his absenteeism and other work habits. The network expects litigation over the ouster.
After barely a year, Current TV has sacked fiery host Keith Olbermann.In a statement Friday afternoon, former Vice President Al Gore and legal entrepreneur Joel Hyatt, who cofounded the upstart cable network, took an extraordinary swipe at their outspoken host, who endured rocky tenures with a series of previous network employers, including MSNBC and ESPN. “Countdown,” Olbermann’s show, will evidently be canceled immediately.

They’ve replaced Keith with former New York Gov. Eliot M. Spitzer, whose CNN talk show failed to catch on. I watched the first 10 minutes and  realized why I liked watching Keith… then I turned on a rerun of Monk.

Dead. Dead. Dead. Never to be revived…

… or as the guy at Brown’s said, the Subaru needs a new motor… the cost of fixing the car is more than it is worth.

So here I am officially carless and looking for a solution. Elly and I both think, with our new lifestyle and all, I should be looking for a small, relatively cheap pick-up truck. Therefore I am researching small Toyotas, Nissans and others, looking for a basic truck at a low price (therefore 2012 instead of 2013… unless I find a used truck in good condition.

Elly is not in favor of used cars, since the last two died under me (although, in retrospect, I got my money’s worth out of both of them.)

So, the next week or so might find a number of cancelled Doctors’ appts, and maybe some lifts to the radio station and back, but that’s my story.

And I’m stuck with it.


“A Song for Trayvon” by Jasiri X – LIVE FROM BROOKLYN, NY

I think we ought to keep Trayvon Martin’s case in  our minds until George Zimmerman is taken into custody and the truth is determined.

Yet, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t use art to keep the message afloat: