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World’s Best Graffiti V – Wonders on Walls

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It’s hard to know what to say… Andrew Breitbart, enemy of most of us who support Obama and the Rational Left, is dead at 43.

From the LA Times:

The conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart, the polarizing website publisher who once helped edit the Drudge Report and found his way to tea-party stardom in recent years and exposed the story of the sexually explicit tweets of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), suddenly collapsed near his Westwood home early Thursday morning and died. He was 43.

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center suspected his death was due to natural causes, Breitbart’s father-in-law, actor Orson Bean, told The Times.

“He was walking near the house somewhere…. He was taken by paramedics to UCLA and they couldn’t revive him,” said Bean, who spoke with his daughter, Susannah Bean Breitbart, about what happened.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office confirmed it will investigate the case, given how young Breitbart was.

Breitbart was a Hollywood-hating, mainstream-media-loathing conservative, and shot to stardom with two stories in recent years: breaking the story over the sexually charged tweets by Weiner, a scandal that led to his resignation; and posting a video of Shirley Sherrod, a black employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in which she appeared to make racially charged comments, leading to her firing and then a subsequent apology by the Obama administration when it was later revealed her comments were taken out of context.

This will certainly ease an element of the election situation this year.

It puts the thought in my head that maybe there IS a God. Or maybe Rush Limbaugh could go out and walk around his house, too.

Breitbart was no respecter of the maxim that one shouldn’t speak ill of the dead: After the death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in 2009, he spewed venom all over the liberal lion’s grave via Twitter, calling him a “special pile of human excrement,” a “villain” and other things we can’t reprint on a family website. So I don’t have any qualms about remembering Breitbart, who died suddenly Thursday at 43, as a closed-minded bully and blowhard who seemed to think he could win debates by shouting louder than his opponent rather than having a better argument, a casual liar who shamelessly destroyed reputations and an unfortunate new species of Internet parasite.

–Dan Turner, LA Times Staff

I guess  agree. I just don’t feel bad.

Quote of the Day – Repub’s View of Romney Strategy

“It seems like Republican primary voters will not vote for Mitt Romney unless they are forced into it. And the way they’re forced into it is when he beats the other guy senseless.”

– Nelson Warfield, Republican strategist

Of course, when there are none of them left, he’ll have to actually come up with a real policy plan.

What will be left after the Repubs finish eating each other?

Thinking of politics as leftovers, it looks like we’ll have a couple of Santorum wings and a Romney drumstick or two left over after Super Tuesday. That doesn’t leave much to serve at the great election 2012 dinner. (Did I say they are both Turkeys?)

George Will is releasing a column later today in the WaPo that pretty much says the Presidency will be out of reach for Romney or Santorum after they have destroyed each other… and that Repubs should focus on preserving their lead in Congress in order to compete against Obama for the next couple of years.

George Will!

If I were to counsel the Democratic Party I’d say Obama is doing a great job right now in sticking up for the worker, defending his record, and pushing for reelection. That should continue.

There has to be focus put now on recovering the House and maintaining the Senate… and as long as the Repubs keep their focus on Birth Control, ultrasound for pregnant women seeking abortion and all the other non-jobs, non-economic crap they are playing with, we have a real chance of booting them out of office.

Frankly, I’d like to see more jobs, less unemployment, a single-payer health plan and so many of the things we NEED to deal with the 21st Century. And we have the candidates to do it.

Summary: It’s better to be the Diner than the Dinner.