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GOP Destruction Of Middle Class And Unions Rages On


GOP Destruction Of Middle Class And Unions Rages On | Double Dip Politics… btw, Ye Olde Soapbox has been added to the Blogroll.

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GOP Destruction Of Middle Class And Unions Rages On




“Big Labor Plots 2012 Revenge” screamed the headline on Politico.com. Naturally, the headline aroused my attention as I was reading. What were the labor unions planning? Was this some massive resistance movement or gathering being planning of which I was not aware? Was this some breaking story about a labor push back against the nonsensical collective bargaining stripping laws? Was it a new resurgence of union membership working to prevent harmful right-to-work state statutes? What could labor unions be planning that led the conservative Politico.com to post such a headline? 

The article begins by speaking about labor unions being weakened. The political muscles are still there, despite GOP attempts to break the unions. The author, Robin Bravender, listed Scott Walker’s recall election, political donations to the Democratic Party, and ballot fights removing power from the unions. None…

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A Quote for the Morning – Here’s some prime speculation…

So the rumor is that Newt has picked Rick Perry to be his VP partner… Wouldn’t that make a swell team?

If there is any chance that a brokered convention, like the one the Repiglicuns are getting closer and closer to having, this could be the nominated package. You can bet the Democrats are saying “Good luck, guys.”

A Newt staffer said this, though:

“Gov. Perry thinks Newt Gingrich is the strongest conservative to debate and defeat President Obama and truly overhaul Washington. The speculation is humbling but premature.”

Worlds Best Graffiti VII – Getting near the end of the collection…