Daily Archives: March 4, 2012

First night in the new house…

No TVComcast hasn’t shown up yet.

Dogs are going crazy…they have a long way to go getting used to a new existence.

Unopened boxes, big black plastic bags stuffed with clothes, misplaced furniture everywhere. Organization starts tomorrow (we’re lucky we have a bed ready to sleep in.)

Hope everyone out there has a great night.

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Eve of Destruction

Jim Morin in the Miami Herald:

Education destroys Santorum’s world…

-and –


Tom Toles in the Washington Post:

…and unchangeable opposition is destroying the Congress

-and –


Ted Rall from UClick:

…and the Right wants to destroy social benefits

-and –


Mike Luckovich in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

… and, while we’re at it, let’s destroy America’s sex life…

-and –


Lee Judge in the Kansas City Star:


Of course, we’ve already destroyed the influence of average citizens on our government.