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Sharron Angle Gets Cease And Desist Letter From Hasbro Over ‘Harry Reid’s Amnesty Game’

clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com
Toymaker Hasbro has sent Sharron Angle‘s Senate campaign a cease and desist letter, saying the Nevada Republican never received permission to use the rights to Monopoly for its “Harry Reid Amnesty Game” website.
“The MONOPOLY image that you are referring to was used without permission — and our legal department sent a cease and desist letter via fax to Ms. Angle’s offices on Friday,” said Hasbro spokesman Pat Riso in a statement to The Huffington Post on Monday.
As of the publishing of this piece, however, the site remained up, and Riso said that they have not yet heard anything from the Angle campaign.
The Angle campaign launched its website last week as an attack on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) positions on immigration, touting the game as “fun for the whole illegal family.”
The Angle campaign also ran into intellectual property trouble in September, when it was sued for reprinting two Las Vegas Review-Journal on its website without receiving permission.
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Getting permission to use copyrighted work? What an interesting idea. It’s always nice when candidates respect our laws.

A look at the impact on history that tomorrow will have…

I’m watching two historians, Douglas Brinkley and Richard Norton Smith, being interviewed on C-Span’s Q&A by Brian Lamb. They are doing a general overview on how our world has changed over the last six decades or so… from WWII through various Presidential Administrations up to and including Obama. Their discussion on how the country has gone from different parties and groups that could get along, all of whom put the country first ahead of party position, eventually turning into radically polluted politics and a malignant society of opposites that refuse to come together.

The election which will, more or less, conclude tomorrow, will emphasize the split between Tea Party supporters reestablishing white control of an increasingly mixed country and Obama Democrats, working to solve problems without bringing everyone together, from both the left and the right, to participate. Smith wonders what would happen if the whole country could be “redistricted”, not by politicians, but by a computer or judges, then everything could change for the better… and districts could compete or even work together to solve problems.  It’s one of several ideas both Smith and Brinkley keep proposing, but obviously they are both frustrated with the political world as it is today.

Brinkley expresses the idea that Obama could run in 2012 with Hillary Clinton as VP and Joe Biden as Secretary of State (the job he’s always wanted) and they could come up against Sarah Palin running for President after other Republicans destroy each other in primaries. And, in that situation, they would wipe out what things the Republicans achieve in the 2010 election. Smith, however, predicts that Palin will never run for President. Predictions are very easy to make, moderately easy to justify, and far enough away to be unimportant now.

Whatever happens at the election tomorrow, it will make a new point in our history and the historians here seem to know this and find it a “healthy” situation.

Tomorrow is Election Day… When you go to vote, REMEMBER:

Quote of the Day – Can the Republicans Take the Senate? Cornyn Doesn’t think So…

“I think we don’t get the majority back but we come awfully close, and we finish the job in 2012.”

–  NRSC Chairman John Cornyn on the Today Show this morning.

Howard Fineman is predicting a BIG loss for Democrats.

This article from HuffPo gives you Fineman‘s views this morning… I’ll give you the first couple of paragraphs, but DO go in and read the rest:
clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com
Publicly, Democratic campaign officials are putting a brave face on predictions of House losses, with House Campaign Chairman Chris Van Hollen claiming that the party might hold the chamber, meaning that they would lose fewer than a net of 39 seats. Other officials are pegging the expected losses at 50-55 seats, in line with consensus independent public forecasts, such as those of Charlie Cook and Nate Silver.

But within the last 12 hours I’ve spoken to two top Democratic consultants — very active on the battlefield this fall and with 60 years of on-the-ground experience between them — who told me some shocking news.

Separately, and privately, they each told me that they thought the Democrats could lose 70 seats on Tuesday. That would be a blowout of historic proportions.

For the record, the biggest one-day loss for the president’s party in modern times was in 1938, when voters expressed their impatience with the Depression and FDR’s New Deal by voting out 71 Democrats.

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Me? I see it the way Tony Auth does:

We are about to enter an era of lunacy.