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Taking a look at the Senate and House live on TV today…

I especially saw just what I expected on the House side… even on votes to get debates started… Democrats vote to move forward, Republicans, virtually 100%, vote Nay on everything…even on things they have suposedly been working on in a bipartisan manner off the floor.

Every stall tactic to waste time is used as well: all votes have to be documented, which adds 5 to 15 minutes to every action (at least that’s what is supposed to happen, but most of the 5 minute votes last for around 12 minutes and the 15 minute votes can go on for close to half an hour.)

On the Senate side, I watched debate on food-related bills designed to protect the public from being poisoned by unregulated food importers, etc. The taffy-heads like Eric Cantor (R – VA) try to tell us this is all a State responsibility, when we know that imports from outside the country are best run from a Federal administrative base. Republicans aren’t going to vote for anything the Dems want to pass… and they will take just as long as the House to do anything, if not longer, as well.

Its going to take a hard push to get things through in the Lame Duck Session… and I just don’t believe the Democrats are ready to do the pushing.

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That seems to cover it all.

From Yahoo News: Keith Richards disses Mike Huckabee’s guitar skills

clipped from news.yahoo.com
Mike Huckabee has made no secret of his status as a Keith Richards superfan. As one of his final acts as governor of Arkansas, Huckabee pardoned the Rolling Stones guitarist for a 1975 reckless driving conviction in the state.
That’s why this might sting a little, Governor.
In his new autobiography, “Life,” Richards kicks off Chapter 1 with a retelling of his infamous run-in with Arkansas police officers, who’d pulled him over for driving while under the influence. The band’s attorney, an Arkansas native, got Richards off with a slap on the wrist: a misdemeanor reckless driving charge, even though the car Richards was driving was also full of drugs. The charge, Richards writes, ended up being “nothing more than a parking ticket.”
That leads him to conclude that Huckabee’s 2006 pardon was unnecessary. “There was nothing to pardon,” Richards writes.
Governor Huckabee also thinks of himself as a guitar player,” Richards writes. “I think he even has a band.”
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Huckabee, who still plays bass in a band called Capital Offense, told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in ’06 that he pardoned Richards after meeting him backstage at a Stones concert. Richards, he said, brought up the arrest, joking that he hoped the cops weren’t still looking for him. Huckabee said he offered to take care of it, which he ultimately did in hopes of giving Richards something “positive” to remember about Arkansas. 

It doesn’t seem as though Huckabee’s ploy worked, however. There’s nothing worse than an aspiring rocker learning that his idol has kissed him off with the words, “I think he even has a band.”