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We’re supposed to have fireworks tonight…

…but we are currently being hit by a string of thunder storms passing over us toward Hagerstown. The Fire Department Carnival, which is supposed to present the fireworks at 10:45 PM,  hasn’t announced a cancellation yet… if they do, tomorrow night is the rain date.

The Weather Channel, however, is predicting a 70% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow and tomorrow night. Shepherdstown Fire Department has not listed another rain date…yet… so maybe we will or won’t have fireworks this year. These are the ones I really like, since Elly and I can sit on our back deck and not have to leave the house or find parking.

Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

John Doyle is Unofficial Winner of District 57 Democratic Primary…

The WV Secretary of State’s office have only posted the unofficial results of yesterday’s Primary Election, but here in District 57 it looks like our guy, John Doyle has taken it by a large margin (47.92% compared to his closest challenger, Lori Rea, of 26.22%.)

Looks like John will be up against Elliot Mark Simon in the General.

Nice going, John.

Just came in from walking the dogs in a BLIZZARD!

It’s an official blizzard today… winds going over 30mph with the snow falling and blowing around. However, that doesn’t mean that my 2 friends don’t go for their morning walk.

Nestle and Byron both have black fur, but they were all white (and wet) when we finished and came back in the house.

\One guy with a pickup truck and a plow is out clearing a roadway in front of the townhouses, but the weather on TV said we’re likely to get another 8″ to 12″ before 6:00 PM.

This will once again cancel Snark rehearsal… not sure we’ll get back into the theater until Saturday, if then.

Anyway.. thought everyone might appreciate this closeup of the Eagle’s Nest over at our
National Conservation Training Center… the live cam does a new picture every thirty seconds.

Looks like there’s a little fella in there wondering what he’s going to do about lunch.

Another night of Auditions for Hunting Of The Snark…

…and now I’m up to half a cast with one more night to go.

Had some great voices so far, but I am five people (four men) short and wish I had much, much more to choose from. But, hey, this is Community Theatre, and the word “opera” seems to be scaring the hell out of people. Too bad… if they new how light and how much fun Snark is I might not have a problem.

Oh, Well, another audition at Full Circle Theater tomorrow night from 7 to 9.  Do you sing?

I Return from the Polls…

…after casting my Jefferson County vote in the “table gaming” question. I don’t think the folks at Charles Town Races and Slots (CTR&S) are going to be very happy with me.

The reason, of course, is that I voted NO in this special referendum for the citizens of Jefferson County, WV. The reasons?

1. As I recall from the gambling casinos in Connecticut (the difference being that they are “Indian Gaming” – but people are affected in the same way), the prevalence of table games at Casinos does NOT create GOOD jobs, rather brings in more lower end jobs from out of state, for localities…

2. Does cause an increase in crime…

3. Is a huge traffic hassle which costs a fortune to maintain on the roads…

4. All the pro-gambling promotion (I’ve been getting 3 or 4 of the SAME BROCHURE in the mail every day for the last week… plus people from OUTSIDE our county coming around door to door… plus signs all over the place) leading me to the conclusion: if they have to do this much to promote it, something is wrong.

5. Doesn’t set the American Entrepreneur example for our kids (how many of you want your kids to grow up and be Maverick?)…

6. A purely personal reason… when I was looking for a job in the last 15 months of unemployed status, CTR&S wouldn’t even give me an interview. If I can’t get a job there, then the “adding jobs” rationalization is meaningless to me.

If you disagree with me and are a registered voter in Jefferson County, you have until 7:30 tonite to offset my vote.

Auditions in Shepherdstown, WV…


The Hunting of the Snark.


113 S. Princess St.
Shepherdstown, WV

December 1, 2, 16 & 17 at 7:00 PM and Saturday Dec. 12 at 1:00 PM
Or by Appointment.

Director: Bill Tchakirides

Music Director: Ruth Raubertas

5 Male
3 Female
All Vocal Ranges Needed!

Please bring recorded accompaniment for audition pieces…

Remember, we’d like to hear how you sing!
We’re looking for a wide variety of physical types.

If you are interested, sheet music samples are available from the score with connected MIDI sound files which we can e-mail to you as audition material. If you request these, let us know what vocal range you sing in (Baritone, Bass, Alto, Soprano…) Contact or call 301-467-9607.

Full Circle Theater is in Tech Week this week…

From the booth… and The Turn of the Screw opens on Friday evening. So I’ll be in the Light Booth every night this week (and not posting to this blog, more’s the pity.) I was there last night starting to put in light cues (the lights are not all connected and hung yet) and it looks like it will be an interesting production.

It plays for the next two weekends with night shows on Friday and Saturday and Matinees on Sunday. If you are in or around Shepherdstown, WV, call for reservations: 304-268-7798. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Over 200 Years Old… The Shepherdstown (WV) VFD

Elly and I went to the parade they had this morning up German Street celebrating over 200 years of the local Volunteer Fire Department. They say “over 200 years” because I’m not sure they know when the organization really started. On the Fire Department’s front wall there’s a sign with 2 dates: 1792 and 1910 (I think)… neither one of those adds up to 200 with 2009, and the first one, which makes it 217 years, was set 30 years after the founding of the Town, the oldest town in WV.
Anyway, fire engines came from VFDs as far away as Chevy Chase, MD, and as close as Charles Town and Martinsberg. There were bands from Shepherd College and the Shepherdstown Middle School. The local antique car collectors, the Charles Town Races And Slots horse-pulled engine, and local celebs, scouts and motorcyclists made this a longer parade than the one we had last July 4th.DSCN6602

The Shepherd Band was really terrific, indicative of a really strong music program there. However, even the local middle school band, The Cardinals, was a knockout. A really nice way to spend a Saturday morning in our little town.

Shepherdstown Streetfest

Shepherdstown Streetfest

We just returned from this year’s Shepherdstown Streetfest. It was about 25% smaller than last year… I assume due to the dismal economy… but it still was a nice walk up and down German Street.

Hot dogs for lunch… stopped to listen to a Jazz Concert while we ate lunch…looked at several booths and remarked on the nice weather. All in all, we were there a little over an hour, which is a long time for us at this kind of affair.