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Saturday Morning and I’m getting ready for my radio show…

Talk To Me” is on WSHC FM from 11 Am to 1 PM today and I’m getting my music list and discussion topics ready for the broadcast. If you are outside of our local area (we’re a very small university radio station at Shepherd U.) you can listen by going to the web site at and feel free to call in and, well, talk to me: 304-876-5369.

We have only one line, so if someone else is talking you’ll have to wait til they are done (and my regulars, Ralph and Stu, talk a lot.) I also don’t answer the phone when I’m playing old Bob and Ray cuts.

Elly is going to Frederick, MD, this morning for a student Graphic Design Portfolio Review for the Blue Ridge AIGA… this the third time she’s done the portfolio review and she’s going there with our friend, designer Jill Harner. That gives me most of the day to myself, so after the show I’ll be going back home to continue unpacking at the new house.

Another Saturday in West Virginia.


Just got back from the Friday morning broadcast with John Case…

I did my regular Friday morning broadcast with John Case’s show (Winners And Losers) on WSHC 89.7 FM this morning. No special guests, but lots of discussion on Afghanistan, Greece, The Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones, Theatre, Movies (Robin Hood especially) and anything else which jumped out at us from the internet.

I’m getting used to this and learning how to work the equipment so John can take a break one of these Fridays.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun this morning and it is amazing how fast an hour and a half goes by.

I’m on the radio again tomorrow…

I’ll be on the radio with John Case tomorrow morning from 7:30 to 9:00 AM. Tune in to WSHC FM (the Shepherd University station), at 89.7. If you can’t get it on your radio you can listen in from the station’s web site.

I don’t know what we’re talking about or who the guest is, if any. Tune in and find out.

I’m off to be John Case’s CoHost this morning…

In a little under an hour from the time I’m posting this I’ll be on the Winners and Losers program with John Case at WSHC FM (89.7 on our local dial).

If you are not a local, you can get the program at WSHC’s on-line site. Go to: and listen in.

I’ll be on until 9:30 AM. Hope you get to listen in.