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Labor Day Weekend… getting ready for Monday’s Radio Show on WSHC

Monday is Labor Day… a day when we are supposed to celebrate the working men and women that make our country great. However, many no longer remember that we celebrate this day on the first Monday in September, and not like the rest of the world does on May Day. This is because Congress, decades ago, felt that a day celebrating Labor with the rest of the world made it seem that the USA endorsed Socialism and Communism… so they changed the date and for years have turned the meaning of the the holiday to a day off for workers celebrating the end of the summer.

Therefore, on Labor Day I plan on playing only Labor music… songs by Joe Hill, Woodie Guthrie, Pete Seeger and others.

Here’s a sample:

If you know others you want me to play, get in touch by tomorrow night.

Labor Day

Today is the first Labor Day of my, more or less, forced retirement. My wife has no teaching responsibilities today and is sleeping late… I’m planning a Vegan delight to bring to the town Labor Day Picnic down in Morgan’s Grove Park.

According to the morning news, Obama is going to announce a $50 Billion job stimulation program (which Congress won’t get around to until they come back from vacation) in a Labor Day speech today. It’s probably too late for him to get the economy in any kind of shape before the November elections, and John Boehner is, as they say, measuring the curtains for his House Speaker‘s office.

A lot of folks who are working, who have jobs, are working even today… there’s not a lot of money to be made if you’ve managed to get a part-time store job, but take the day off. Government offices will be closed, however, and there won’t be any mail. My father always worked on Holidays… his Connecticut drugstore made its buck with family (often me) in the employee slots. I remember being in the store on Labor Day (and Easter, and Christmas, and 4th of July… you get the picture?) for the people who were picking up their tanning oil, cigarettes and soda… and a few prescriptions of course.

Somehow, Labor Day doesn’t have the kind of force as a holiday that nit used to. School starts for kids a week or two before Labor Day now, so it isn’t really the hard-edged end of summer. The Baseball season is going to run into October, so it isn’t ending here, either.

And when you are retired, every day is Labor Day. So?

(btw, labor images are from Bill ‘s Cast O’Characters, $29.95 at UTF Type Foundry.)

I was working on my client’s project most of the day…

Research and copywriting has made up the main part of my working day. I’m glad to be back at it. Have three segments written out as roughs and about seven more to go.

Tomorrow I would expect to get the contact, then I’ll send Jason some of my stuff for approval.

Have you noticed that Congress gets a lot of time off?

And have you noticed that even when they are “in Session” they throw away most of Monday and Friday with traveling? And have you noticed that from Tuesday to Thursday Senators are rarely on the floor, so they are spending more time having Quorum Calls than they are debating?

Have you noticed that when they are debating neither side ever seems to be actually “debating” with the other side… like they don’t respond to each others’ comments and queries? And have you noticed that even when they do comment on a question from the other side they never really provide an accurate answer?

Have you noticed that religious holidays (like Good Friday) are observed as National Events, despite the separation of Church and State? And have you noticed that NO political party actually represents the declining Middle Class? And have you noticed that Health Care legislation should be renamed Health Insurance Company Preservation legislation?

Have you noticed that our government, our media, our students and, well, everyone else, have become more and more illiterate (misspellings on CNBC bottom-screen trailers pointed this out to me as well… or as my wife said “…but it’s CNBC!” as if that implied that a major financial network should not mistake “hole” with “whole”… as in “Secretary Geithner is getting us out of a whole”)? And have you noticed that no attention is paid to this increased illiteracy at all? By anyone?

There’s more… oh yes, there’s much more to notice, but most people are more concerned with carrying guns to public events, or paying no taxes for demanded services, or not missing Desperate Housewives. You can argue with me and say all this is not true, but could you prove it?