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Just came home from the morning radio show…


John Case

John Case and I did Winners and Losers on WSHC this morning and, as usual, we had a pretty good show… especially with our regular callers Ralph Petrie and Stu Brown.

I’ve been thinking lately about how much I enjoy doing the two radio programs I’m on each week (got my Saturday show, Talk To Me, tomorrow from 11 to 1) and don’t really know what I’d do without them. Fortunately John picks me up and drives me home on Fridays and my wife gets me to the station on Saturdays and Ralph Petrie drives me home. As long as this keeps up, I have no problems.


So now I’m putting together the song list for tomorrow morning’s show, plus picking a couple of comedy bits from the Bob and Ray collection, and going over various talking points to cover. Lately I’ve been getting quite a few call-ins — especially challenge requests for rare songs —  so the show has been quite a project.

If you want to call in tomorrow, the number is 304-876-5369… and no matter where you are, you can listen live on the internet at


How does John Case do it every morning?

I’m in my third day of subbing for John Case on the WSHC Winners and Losers show and once again I’ve gotten up at 5:30, taken my meds, fed the dogs and have had a cup of coffee while I sort out the music for the broadcast.

Now I’m usually a late sleeper and it is an effort to get up on Friday Mornings when I regularly do Winners and Losers with John. But he does this every day… as a matter of fact, he gets up earlier than I do so he can come into Shepherdstown from Harper’s Ferry. He is always bright and intellectually alert this early in the morning, which I give him great credit for.

Anyway, I’m off now to the basement of Knutti Hall where I’ll get on the 89.7 FM microphone once again (you can listen on the internet at

Talk to you later.