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Night of the Living Dead…

I’ve had to get up really early every morning this week, what with WSHC calls and doctors appointments… tomorrow is no different. My big problem is that I don’t get any sleep at night. I tend to wake up in one and a half hour increments and by the time the 6 AM alarm goes off I’m more tired than I was when I went to bed at 10 PM.

As the week goes by I feel much worse. Usually I come back after my Saturday radio show and sleep off the afternoon… but I can’t this weekend since Elly and I have to drive down to DC for a party at an old friend’s house.

That means tonight will be utter misery, even if I go to bed at 9… even if I take a useless sleeping pill.

I need a vacation (hiding in my bedroom).

Just got back from WSHC…

Hard to believe, but I substituted for John Case on this mornings Winners and Losers show on WSHC radio. Thankfully, Shepherd U. police came over to unlock the door at Knutti Hall and let me into the studio, where I spent the morning playing Thanksgiving songs (mostly about Turkeys) and talking about what I was thankful for.

At 2:00 we’ll be over at my Daughter Penny’s for Thanksgiving dinner. However, right now I’m watching the Macy’s Parade, which I try never to miss (back when I lived in NYC, I always tried to see it live and in person… a great event.)

Shepherdstown is pretty dead right now… most of the students from Shepherd are home for the weekend and most of the businesses are closed. No street parking problems, though… just nowhere to go.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. Be kind to an Indian today… and apologetic.

And don’t go to any stores that start Black Friday today. They are un-American.

I’ll be doing Winners And Losers on WSHC all week…

John Case is off on his Blues Tour and is camping out in the Alleghenies among other things… so I’ll be doing the 7:30 – 9:00 AM show all week. If you are local, tune in 89.7 FM. If you are anywhere else in the USA you can tune in on the internet at and hear everything live.

You can call in, too, at 304.876.5369.

Got up early this morning and joined John Case on WSHC…

I don’t usually co-host Winners and Losers on a Wednesday, but John’s regular co-host today is in California, so I surprised my friend by showing up at 7:30.

We had quite a good morning… lots of talk on current issues…poetry and prose readings on the subject of “insanity” (this, in case people tuned in ready to hear the “Are You Crazy?” section with John’s resident psychiatrist)… and a long phone call from our friend Mark.

It’s nice getting out of the house on a Wednesday morning, although I have to get up at 6:oo AM to do it… I’m a late sleeper, since it takes me so long to fall asleep at night. The parking in downtown Shepherdstown (which covers two whole blocks) is really good this early in the morning – plus the Shep U students are on Spring break so there are no cars around. With the exception of the WSHC broadcast area, Knutti Hall is like the dead zone.

Anyway, now I’m back home getting ready to walk the dogs. Then I’ll get around to setting the trap for the small creature who is digging holes in our backyard garden area. I hope you all… Japan Tsunami and Wisconsin union activities aside… have a nice day.

Just got back from the Friday morning broadcast with John Case…

I did my regular Friday morning broadcast with John Case’s show (Winners And Losers) on WSHC 89.7 FM this morning. No special guests, but lots of discussion on Afghanistan, Greece, The Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones, Theatre, Movies (Robin Hood especially) and anything else which jumped out at us from the internet.

I’m getting used to this and learning how to work the equipment so John can take a break one of these Fridays.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun this morning and it is amazing how fast an hour and a half goes by.