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Busy weekend for me.

This is a busy weekend as Elly and her Sustainable Shepherdstown group are

The Goddess of House Cleaning

having a pot luck supper at our house and we have to do a lot of cleaning today and tomorrow morning. This morning I was up early and cleaned the first floor bathroom. After my radio show I’ve been assigned to the living room… much better than the kitchen!

Tonight we have a movie preceded by a dinner with an old friend of ours who is coming into town because she ha a daughter at Shepherd. So we have a weekend that is really filled up and I’m still getting over my recent health problems which I’m likely to be doing for the next couple of months. Ain’t life great.



My son is now a married man and I am a tired old fat guy…


Morning after… I’m sitting in the lounge at the Milwaukee Hilton catching up on e-mail and my blog while my wife and my daughters go over to Buddy’s house (or should I say Will’s? No, I can’t get used to that… he’s been Buddy to me since the day he was born) for a brunch (I can’t deal with the stairs up to Bud’s house after my bone-breaking accident… and I had an extra fall yesterday walking down some narrow stairs at the Oriental Theater during wedding pictures time… so I’m staying here until they get back.)

This afternoon at 3:00 we catch the first of two trains… this one to Chicago and the next to Martinsburg, WV. We’ll be traveling for next 20 or so hours. What fun.

During Buddy and Rachel’s wedding reception last evening we had a brief rainfall… and, in a sign that I see as good luck for the married couple… it was followed by a Rainbow. What are the odds of that happening? This was magic!

Elly and I had breakfast this morning with my cousin Bob, his wife Suzie and his daughter SueSue and her boyfriend. They’re driving back to Chicago later. It was nice seeing them
The lovely young woman who works this waiting lounge just brought me some ice water… they are so pleasant here…and I think I’ll take a little nap if i can get away with it. Once we head out for the train I’ll have no Wi-Fi again until we get home tomorrow, so I can’t do much more on the blog.

Be good to each other.


From Wisconsin Radio Network yesterday…

Mike Tate kicks off Democratic Party of Wiscon...

Image by barrett4wi via Flickr

If you saw or heard this yesterday it probably got your dander up. For those of us who depend on wi-fi to maintain a connection with the thinking world, this should be seriously looked into. From WRN:

Anyone logging on at the state capitol’s wi-fi connection as a guest could not access for a time Monday. Sachen Chheda, a former capitol tech worker and current Chairman of the Milwaukee County Dems, says the screenshot looked like an intentional blockage used by an older program with which he was familiar.

He along with State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate finds it suspicious that the website was functioning fine last week but shut down later on.

The site serves as a focal point for the protesters and those opposing Governor Walker’s budget repair bill.

Also on the Democratic conference call this morning was a former assistant state Attorney General. Charles Hoornstra says if the activity was deliberate it opens up those responsible to lawsuits either at the state or federal level.

Walker’s office calls the claim by Democrats “lies.” In a statement, Spokesman Cullen Werwie says the Department of Administration blocks all new websites shortly after they are created, until they go through a software approval program that unblocks them.  He notes within 30 minutes of being notified this website was blocked, DOA immediately made the website accessible.

Cullen adds the Governor believes in protesters right to voice their opinions as evident by capitol hours being changed to allow them extensive access.