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Listening to the House of Representatives make speeches on Health Care Bill

It seems like every available Republican has taken the floor today to tell us all the things wrong with the current proposals in the House for the final Health Care Bill which will go for merger with the Senate.

I’ve listened to them call it “Obamacare” and “Nancy Pelosicare” and “grotesque” and “the Worst Bill Ever” (which comes from the Wall Street Journal which, last time I looked, was run by Rupert Murdoch, just like Fox News, and has interest ONLY in supporting the conservative right.) I’ve heard them try to make it be seen as an “abortion bill”, a “tax increase for the American People”, and something that America has risen to speak against.

Now, this is what bugs the hell out of me. From what I can see, the great majority of the American people want to see this go through. Secondly, we WANT to see tax increases… that is on the top 1% of our fellow citizens who were given a gigantic tax-pass by Reagan-through-Bush and who can easily afford it and STILL BE THE RICHEST AMERICANS.

These Republicans keep saying that they have a better plan (but never reveal it), that the Democrats’ bill is 2000 pages long (but we’re never told why or how long the Republican Bill, which no one seems to be ready to reveal, is), then, to top it off, they make it clear that nothing will make them compromise with the Democrats on anything, no matter what the Democratic Bill is.

And now I’m listening to some boob from Texas (Ted Poe… I don’t know him) comparing this large, 2000-page-plus law as “socialist”, to his ideal of laws – the 10 Commandments (which he claims to be 2 pages – I guess he only reads big type.) Oh wait, some guy named Roskaw from Illinois sais the democrats’ bill will create 111 new bureaucracies… gee, he didn’t prove it though.

This is getting too hard to listen to… Let’s get this voted in and send the whining right home.