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Scotty Brown Goes For The Low Blow…

From HuffPo:

The most jarring moment, however, came during a rally Brown held with a cadre of famous Massachusetts athletes in which one attendee called for Coakley to have a “curling iron” shoved “up her butt.”

The reference was to an assault case that Coakley’s office oversaw, in which she was late to press charges against a man who had raped a toddler (Coakley later won grand jury indictments charging rape and assault and battery).

Democratic Party officials were quick to jump on reports of the comment as evidence of “bullying tactics” by Brown himself. Usually, tying a candidate to the angry screams of his or her crowd can be a difficult proposition. But on Sunday night, video emerged that seemed to show the state senator acknowledging the curling iron remark as it transpired. Hotline On Call was the first to post the footage but the Huffington Post obtained it separately as well.

And here’s the PROOF:

He Thinks Raping Coakley Is FUNNY!