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And so we went to Volt for Lunch…

VOLTComments about Volt:
1.) Lovely restaurant… extremely clean and well designed interior.
2.) Wait staff seems to be 99% male… and all waiters. maitre d’s, wine stewards, sign-in girls, etc., wear the same brown fabric with white trim sneakers ( and classy suits with no ties).
3.) Food presentation is a visual experience.
4.) Serving sizes are teeny.
5.) Taste is great.
6.) Very expensive for a Frederick, MD, restaurant.
7.) Heavily into wines (which we can’t drink, more’s the pity.)

If you get the chance, it’s worth a visit expect to spend at least $60 bucks on lunch for two with tips.

Lunch at Volt

Elly and I are off to Frederick, MD, this morning to celebrate, finally, out 31st Anniversary… and we’ve decided to do it by having lunch at Volt, the restaurant where Bryan Voltaggio is the Executive Chef (and owner). Voltagio is one of two brothers we have been watching compete with other chefs on the Top Chef television program… where he often ends up in the top 3.
Bryan Voltaggio
This will NOT be an ordinary lunch (a $12.00 Angus Burger, for instance, puts this place well ahead of most lunch places … especially if you precede it with a $9.00 salad.) We have been perusing the menu posted on the web site and figure we can afford to do this, even with business off this month…as long as we don’t do a lot of other things. (Dinners at this restaurant can come in at up to $120. a head in the chef’s private kitchen tasting area…we are a long way from being able to afford that.)

Bryan has been a great competitor on Top Chef/Las Vegas. When asked which chef he was most competitive with, his answer, from the TC website, was: Who do you think your biggest competition is at this point?

I’ll report on lunch at Volt later.