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I listened to Repub candidates propose that we could be invaded from Iran…

…but, although the USA professes itself menaced by Iran, it rather has Iran encircled by military bases:

Stars = US Bases

(thanks to Juan Cole‘s Informed Comment.)

So what I want to know is which of these Repub candidates has any kind of grasp on mid-east policy? Certainly Iran knows that they can be completely wiped out by us with little or no provocation.


Quote of the Day – Made in America

“I have long been concerned about the decline of American manufacturing and the loss of millions of good-paying factory jobs in our country.  Imagine my surprise, therefore, when several months ago I walked into the gift shop at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, a museum owned by the people of the United States and designed to proudly display our history, and discovered that most of the products there were made in China and other low-wage countries.  These included Chinese-made statuettes of American presidents, including ones of George Washington and Barack Obama, and lunch boxes of Rosie the Riveter, the heroine of WWII.  I thought that was pretty pathetic.

“After several discussions with the leadership of the Smithsonian I am happy to report that progress is being made.  The Smithsonian has told me that one of their gift shops will feature products made exclusively in the USA, and that they will be much more aggressive in selling gifts manufactured by American workers in all of their museums.”

Senator Bernie Sanders (D – VT)


One of their gift shops? One of their gift shops? Give me a break!

Last “Full Combat” Brigade out of Iraq

I watched on Olbermann as the last “full combat” brigade (440 soldiers)  pulled out of Iraq and rode their Strykers into Kuwait last night (I have no idea how long it takes them to actually get out of the country) leaving 50,000 “non-combat” troops who are to serve as trainers and are not to get into any combat incidents… not to break up fights between Sh’ias and Sunnis, or anything like that.

The American Ambassador to Iraq, Christopher Hill, was interviewed and said that this was the keeping of Obama’s promise to get combatants out. The Iraq war is, therefore, ending… but we still have a commitment there. We’ve gone from 140,000 troops to 50,000 and it appears to be a positive mood. The Ambassador’s biggest worry is that there is still not an effective coalition government in Iraq and they are going to have to do it pretty much by themselves.

It is now up to the Iraqis… at least that’s what we’re saying.

I’m also wondering if these troops are going to end up in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

For the folks who heard us talk about the USA in the World Cup on Friday’s radio show…

The United States and England played to a 1-1 draw in their first World Cup Match. Who would have thunk it?!