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Sitting in the studio with John…

We’re in the middle of Winners And Losers on 89.7, WSHC FM, and with the phone system working we’re getting call-ins from some of the station regulars (Mark and Dino, specifically).

I’ll be home later this morning to update the Blog.


So far, no more survivors in Mine Disaster

Signals being sent by tapping on pipes down shafts which have been drilled 1000 feet or more have not gotten responses. Governor Manchin’s update this morning was pretty depressing, but family members of the four unaccounted for men still continue to wait.

Perhaps they will be able to send a team down later today, but the odds against finding anyone alive are very long.

Miserable night

Somewhere around 4 PM yesterday I started to feel sick. After auditions tonite I came home and was running  a fever, so I went right to bed. I’ve been up and down all night.

I think it is flu.




Eight in the AM and the fever appears to be gone… but I ache all over (especially a headache that I can’t seem to shake) and I am exhausted from getting no sleep.

Today is Elly’s long day, so I’ll be walking the dogs three times… plus I have auditions again tonite from 7 to 9 (nobody showed up last night and I am getting worried). If I can get some sleep during the day today, I might pull this off.