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Court says Texas redistricting law actually discriminated against Latino voters…


It seems a redistricting plan signed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) intentionally discriminated against Hispanic voters. So said a three-judge panel today in a unanimous decision. The judges found that seats belonging to white incumbent members of Congress were protected under the plan while districts belonging to incumbent minorities were targeted for changes.

The court said it was

“…persuaded by the totality of the evidence that the plan was enacted with discriminatory intent.

There was

“…sufficient evidence to conclude that the Congressional Plan was motivated, at least in part, by discriminatory intent.”

It is clear that Texas Republicans  want to suppress minority representation in order to keep a rising Hispanic population from turning this red state into a blue one in the near future.

Texas’ voter ID law is till on the books but is  being challenged by the Department of Justice.


To my readers: Let’s all take a stand against foreign money funding campaigns.

Subject: Foreign corporations are trying to buy our elections


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been using money from foreign corporations to finance its plan to spend $75 million on political attacks against progressive Democrats this year.

Funneling money from foreign interests into American elections is, straight up, illegal and the Chamber is trying to buy the election for Republicans.
I signed a petition urging Attorney General Eric Holder to initiate an immediate Justice Department investigation to stop the illegal spending. Can you join me at the link below?