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Peter Corum’s Plan for Morgan’s Grove Market…

Peter Corum

It was more than a free lunch at the Bavarian Inn today… It was Peter Corum and his team announcing the exciting plans for the Morgans Grove Market area that he started up last summer. This time the goal is to create an Agriculture/Arts/Community campus that will serve many interests locally and do it year round.

Peter called this a “Charette,” which Webster’s defines as:

a meeting in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts and map solutions.

Represented were the architectural firm he has been consulting, various arts and

Participants speaking

humanities “businesses,” agriculture folks, local development people, etc. My wife represented Sustainable Shepherdstown.

Over the course of about two hours just about everyone in the room spoke, made suggestions, pointed out various organizational needs and, in general, gave Peter hands down support on the project.

A really good range of attendees

Now we’ll have to see what comes next with the local and county government, the state and

all the other committees which will get in the way (sort of like the solar LLC discussion we had the other night at Town Hall.)

Well… we support Peter and Under The LobsterScope will keep an eye on this project and report good or bad news to you.

Lunch, btw, was great.

Happy Birthday Ben…

Ben Franklin, was born on this day in 1706.

Did you know when the famous Founding Fathers were selecting a National Bird and the majority were hard set on the Eagle, Franklin made his case for the Turkey:

(another great graphic design by the late Herb Lubalin.)

OK… so we’re still going to be heavily involved in Libya.

1.) NATO’s takeover of the No Fly Zone is going to be gradual, or as said by a pundit last night, more like taking a temperature than flicking on a light switch.

2.) Bulk of ground combat will be conducted by the United States, with minor assistance from the coalition.

3.) Congress is concerned about who will pay for all this. Just us, again? Will Europe and Turkey kick in?

I’m getting really aggravated at all this.

Libya Update… Big Change Today

Cropped version photo of Ahmet Davutoglu, June...

Ahmet Davutoglu

Just announced by Hillary Clinton: NATO is taking over the No Fly Zone command.

Turkey‘s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said through Turkey’s state-run Anatolia news agency:

“The coalition that was formed following the Paris meeting will abandon the mission and hand it over entirely to a single command system under NATO.

“All of Turkey’s concerns, demands on the issue have been met,”

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe sought to debunk speculation that the allies were after oil-rich Libya‘s hydrocarbons:

“People always say that it’s oil behind all this – that’s not true. To have consistent, cheap oil, the best thing would have been to change nothing in Libya. It’s not oil that pushes us to all this.”

I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens next.

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Giving Thanks

Jeff Danziger at the LA Times:

The Republican hierarchy has Turkey for Thanksgiving…

– and –

Rex Babin at the Sacramento Bee:

…and the Rich give Thanks for Republicans…

– and –

Mike Luckovich at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

… how Obama deals with these Turkeys is another problem…

Let’s listen to Glenn Greenwald…

I’d like to make something clear… I don’t think Israel’s action against the flotilla of Turkish ships bringing aid to the Gaza Strip was justified or remotely legal.

However, if I protest this it is much too easy to label me as an “anti-semite” (which I am not as my long history of Jewish friends, my Jewish wife and my 1/2 Jewish son will, I hope, attest to). So I was happy to see my thoughts on the matter repeated by Glenn Greenwald, who was being interviewed on MSNBC by Elliot Spitzer.

Take a look at the complete interview here:

Of course, now the USA is saying Israel should be allowed to self examine the situation and make what corrections are necessary… this to the opposition of the UN and most of the world.

Who are we kidding? Greenwald passes on this Twitter comment from Scott Larson:

“Self-regulation has worked so well for BP that surely it will be just as shiny for Israel.”

Thanksgiving S & M

Somehow, the vegan in me found this hysterically funny (and about as sadistic as you can imagine)… WARNING: not for the squeamish…If you’re not into violent sexual deviance, do not go here:

Oh… and Happy Thanksgiving. I’m having Tofurky.