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The intelligence of dogs.

Perhaps you saw this in the Huffington Post or elsewhere… there is a border collie named Chaser who has been shown to understand over 1000 words. The previous record for comprehension of words by a dog was

Nestle and Byron

200… so this one, which has been proven over three years of testing, says a lot. (You can see Chaser in action HERE.)

Chaser will retrieve, from another room, various toys by name and always come back with the correct toy. Amazing. My two dogs, Nestle and Byron, respond to the word “Toy”, but it’s always a guess as to what they bring back. I have started keeping a list of words they DO understand… and I determine this by their reaction to the word and how specific it is… and so far I only have about a dozen (including Food, Lunch, Walk, Breakfast, Out on the Deck, go to Bed and, of course, their names.)

I spend a certain amount of time lately marveling at their personalities and the way the interact with each other. Nestle is 11 years old, but is fairly active for an old dog. We don’t know how old Byron is (he is a “pound puppy” and we think he is around 4 years old), but he is the more active of the two and is always challenging Nestle to chase him and try to take the toy stuffed animal he is carrying. They have both worked out what seems to be strategies in this game (my favorite is how Nestle ignores Byron until he puts the toy down… then Nestle grabs it and takes off around the couch.)

I truly believe that dogs are extremely intelligent in their fashion, and I am always happy with their company. They are my friends and make my days extremely pleasant.


And some Saturday Morning Humor…

An Atheist Barbie (c/o

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