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Getting ready for tomorrow…

John Case and I are broadcasting from the Mellow Moods Cafe again tomorrow morning. Officially the show is from 7:30 to 9:00 AM… we set up at 7:00 and sometimes do some pre-show stuff during that half hour. Tune in to WSHC 89.7 FM if you’re in our area (or go to to hear us on line.) We’re going to end right on schedule this week because John has to pick up a puppy he is babysitting for Ruth and Mike Robertas over at 4Seasons Books (our sponsor) and I have to be at Washington County Hospital for a T.E.E. test at 11:00 (part of Dr. Kugler et al’s investigation into my teeny language seizures.)

Anyway, I’m getting all my prep work in tonite for the show and for tomorrow’s blog, since a big chunk of my day is going to be sedated and in the hospital. I’m not really looking forward to it, as they have to drop a reading device down my throat to get it behind my rib cage (hence the sedation). Can you think of something more unpleasant?

From midnight tonite until after the test tomorrow I’m not allowed to eat, which will make this even harder to get through. There is a medication I have been taking for several months now which helps keep my blood sugar in line… not insulin, I take that, too… and it has a side effect I dislike… it makes me very nauseous. Twice a day. It’s not something I want to feel in my gut before tomorrow, so today I refused to take it (and I won’t tomorrow, either) and, lo and behold, I feel great today. I’ve got to talk to my Endocrinologist about this…I’d like to not be nauseated twice a day.

Saturday I expect to be fine again… and, hopefully, I can get into the Full Circle Theater and work on the lights for Thurber Carnival. I can’t wait.

CATF’s last week

The Contemporary American Theater Festival ends next Monday, August 1st. This is the last chance to get out and see the five great shows in this year’s repertory.

Go HERE for my reviews and more info.

Tonite was my first Full Circle Board meeting

I was just put on the Full Circle Theater Company Board of Directors and tonite was my first Board Meeting. Lots of stuff to learn, especially in the area of where they expect to raise money.

One of the things I want to do is evaluate what regional grants are available… plus look into the promotion and advertising of ticket sales and the expansion of program advertising.

It is NOT going to be easy. However…

Onward and Upward.

Full Circle Theater is in Tech Week this week…

From the booth… and The Turn of the Screw opens on Friday evening. So I’ll be in the Light Booth every night this week (and not posting to this blog, more’s the pity.) I was there last night starting to put in light cues (the lights are not all connected and hung yet) and it looks like it will be an interesting production.

It plays for the next two weekends with night shows on Friday and Saturday and Matinees on Sunday. If you are in or around Shepherdstown, WV, call for reservations: 304-268-7798. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Getting ready to run lights on a reading…

It’s quarter to six ad I’m sitting over in the Lost Dog Coffee House finishing an iced tea before I go over to Full Circle to run lights tonite. We have the CATF staged reading of a new play, marking the second time CATF has used our facility for such an event.

No one from Full Circle showed up to open the space for rehearsal, so I have’t seen tonite’s presentation… but the lights are pretty much house out and stage up, so I’m not too worried about pulling it off.

I’ll be invisible up in the booth again. Wish I was more involved in CATF than I am (Elly and I bought full season tickets and we’ve been to the lectures and to one of the breakfasts with Ed Herendeen), but I’m thankful for whatever I get.

Tonite should be interesting. If you are around Shepherdstown come on over before 7:00 PM… house opens around 6:30 and it is FREE.

Tomorrow Night (July 28) is another Free Staged Reading from the CATF at Full Circle Theater.

I can’t tell you how frustrated I am that neither the Contemporary American Theater Festival  nor Full Circle Theater have put the information up on their web sites (the only place it is listed is in the current CATF season program), but tomorrow night at 7:00 PM there is another FREE staged reading of a new play at Full Circle’s theater at 113 S. Princess Street.

Two weeks ago there was another similarly unpublicized reading of a Steve Dietz play that was just wonderful (and played to a pretty good sized house). I believe tomorrow they are reading from a new Michael Weller play. Weller is the author of FIFTY WORDS, a great script at this year’s festival, and I would look forward to a reading of one of his pieces.

Get to the theater at least 15 minutes early if you want a good seat.

For information you can call the Contemporary American Theater Festival at 800-999-CATF (2283). Full Circle’s phone number is 304-268-7798. Tell them you read about it in Under The LobsterScope!

Potomac Stages reviews the CATF

This set of reviews was just published on line by Potomac Stages in DC.

The fact that Shepherd University is across the border in a neighboring state makes it seem like a long way to go for theater, even for great theater. But it is actually only 65 miles from the Beltway to the idyllic site of the Contemporary American Theatre Festival at West Virginia’s Shepherd University. That makes it close enough to drive out for one or two shows (they run matinees as well as evening shows on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday). Or, it is far enough to make the trip a special getaway if you stay overnight in order to see the four or five plays they stage in repertory each summer.

Either way, a summer visit to Shepherdstown is rapidly becoming a tradition for theatergoers from throughout the Potomac Region and beyond. At one performance we were flanked by audience members from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin.

Here’s a look at this year’s festival:


I disagree with the reviewer on the second act of Yankee Tavern… so far it’s my favorite play of the five… but note, I still have two more to see this weekend.

Looking for a great Theater Event on Tuesday Night? Here’s a Free one:

Shepherdstown, WV – The Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF) will be offering a free staged reading of  Steven Dietz’s new play SHOOTING STAR on Tuesday (July 13) at 7 PM. And they are having it at our very own Full Circle Theatre,  113 Princess Street in Shepherdstown.

I’ll be up in the booth running lights and I just can’t wait for this one. We saw Dietz’s YANKEE TAVERN on Friday Night at the CATF and met the author… he is a great writer with around 30 plays to his credit.

I suggest you get there at least 1/2 hour early as the house will probably fill up (we’re only a 90 seat theater) and you won’t want to miss this one.