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The Power of Nightmares — Part 6

The Conclusion.

Wherever one looks for this al-Qaeda organisation, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the “sleeper cells” in America, the British and Americans are chasing a phantom enemy.

But the reason that no-one questions the illusion is because this nightmare enemy gives so many groups new power and influence in a cynical age – and not just politicians.

Those with the darkest imaginations have now become the most powerful.

The Power of Nightmares — Part 5

Continuing onward with the start of the last hour of this BBC Documentary. We’ve been through a half century of events so far. And then came 9/11:

The Power of Nightmares — Part 4

So… now we get up to the Clinton administration and the terrorism of Bin Laden.

More later.

The Power of Nightmares — Part 3

Since the BBC put this together in 2004, about 6 years ago, doesn’t it make you wish our politicians had seen it? I guess they never did, or we might not be where we are now, Pass the information on to your Congressfolk and the President… if enough people do, maybe we’ll get out and start again at home.

Here’s Part 3:

The Power of Nightmares — Part 2

Here’s the second of 6 parts… if you went through the first you probably learned a lot of how we got into the mess we’re in now. Here’s more:

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