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Cartoon(s) of the Week – Playing into the Future?

John Sherffius in the Boulder Daily Camera:

S0 where are we heading at the end of 2010?

-and –

Mike Keefe in The Denver Post:

Do we contact folks without once paying a cent for stamps”

-and –

Joel Pett in the Lexington Herald Leader:

Do we beg to keep our military expenditures at their highest?

– or –

Drew Sheneman in the Newark Star-Ledger:

Do we just give up and let the Government crash under the Republicans?

Cartoon(s) of the Week – If we could all get along!

Mike Luckovich in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

We often think there is a way to compromise…

– and –

Jim Morin in the Miami Herald:

… even with Mitch McConnell

– and –

Jeff Stahler in the Columbus Dispatch:

… but do any of us really mean it?

– and –

Drew Sheneman in the Newark Star-Ledger:

So let’s not waste time on compromise, but get back to giving the voters what they want.


Cartoon(s) of the Week – We are now in the Crazy Week

Joel Pett in the Lexington Herald-Leader:

So who is the King of the Crazies?

– and –

Jeff Danziger in the L.A. Times:

…tactics are crazy, too…

– and –

Jeff Stahler in The Columbus Dispatch:

Scared of Obama? The Republicans are the Real Takers…

– and –

Stuart Carlson at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

… or they want you to think that they can THINK (Don’t think Jefferson would agree.)