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Quote of the Day – What you say is what you believe, no?

“I can’t speak to Governor Romney’s motivations. What I can say is that he has signed up for positions, extreme positions, that are very consistent with positions that a number of House Republicans have taken. And whether he actually believes in those or not, I have no doubt that he would carry forward some of the things that he’s talked about.”

– President Obama

This has been the problem all along… Romney has no position that is decidedly his, since that would never have gotten him through the primaries. Keep an ear out at the Republican Convention and see what he holds to there… you can bet it will be Ryan and Tea Party basics.

What I think is going to be the best exposure of his inability to speak for himself will be during the Obama/Romney debates. This may even be entertaining.

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Romney’s Tea Party support baffles me…


David Horsey at the L.A. Times:

Does the Tea Party have any idea what government is for?

– and –

Mike Peters in the Dayton Daily News:

Will they ever realize that they are being used?

– and –

Jim Morin in the Miami Herald:

Do they have a leader with integrity?

– and –

John Darkow in the Columbia Daily Tribune:

Do they even listen to the charges being brought against him?

– and –

Kevin Siers in the Charlotte Observer:

Oh well… they can always change their minds retroactively.



How the Rich earn money with no work, create no jobs and pay minimal taxes…

Without money

Great article in PoliticusUSA this morning. It’s called Republicans Twist Capitalism Into a Democracy Killer. Here’s a clip:

One thing the Tea Party crowd must know, but seems incapable of comprehending, is that most of the 1% modern day money is accumulated through doing no work at all. NONE! It comes from investments. A 1 percenter buys 1,000 or 10,000 shares of a stock for $40 a share; the stock appreciates to $75 a share. The holder sells the stock for a profit. He or she has done NO work; has created NO jobs. Nor will he or she investor EVER work for that money or create jobs. As a single entity, they buy the stock, sell the stock and deposit the money in their account and will probably pay little or no taxes.

The republican power elite is now working day and night to see to it that those capital gains and dividends where applicable are not taxed. So you have a class of people who can make enormous money and will give none of it to the U.S. Treasury. Do you get more patriotic than that?

Go HERE and read the whole article.

Now don’t you think the tax structure should be changed so the one-percenters pay the same tax rates on their income, however they get it, as we the people? Can you get more patriotic than that?

I doubt it.

How would you like a Republican Death Panel standing between you and your health?

Well, if the proposed new amendment to the Health care Plan which has raised such an issue with both the Tea Party and the Catholic Bishops (both of which are groups who claim rights over your health) goes through that’s just what you’ll have.

From PoliticusUSA:

Sen. Roy "How's Your Blood Sugar?" Blunt

The amendment is sponsored by Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) and it is the death panel Sarah Palin preached about during the healthcare reform debate, and the ultimate loss of freedom (life) at the hands of Republicans. It is also how theocracy begins. The measure allows insurers or employers to claim moral or religious objection to covering

HIV/AIDS screenings, Type 2 Diabetes treatments, cancer tests or anything else they deem inappropriate or the result of an ‘unhealthy‘ or ‘immoral‘ lifestyle. Similarly, a health plan could refuse to cover mental health care on the grounds that the plan believes that psychiatric problems should be treated with prayer.”

The measure serves two purposes. It allows religious extremists to control healthcare decisions for all Americans, and undermines the new health law.

I’ve learned two things from this:

1. Because of my “immoral” lifestyle I have type 2 diabetes and doctors are going to give up the thousands of dollars they make from me and my insurance companies by banning treatment.

2. Newt, Mitt and Rick won’t get their needed mental health care, but can get together and pray their crazy ideas away.

I’m curious which totally healthy religious folks will be on the Death Panel. Certainly they are planning for an Atheist representative.


Oh, well… what did you expect?

The House of Representatives represents who?

“Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

Mark Twain

One of the options you have when you’re retired like me is to spend time watching the members of Congress debate on C-Span. Indeed, watching them deal with legislation on Budget, Education, Health and other human services is an example of people speaking to each other but not listening to one word the other person says. You get what I mean?

Right now they are debating on “Rules for Changing the Federal Budget Process Bill.” No, they aren’t changing the budget. They are changing the RULES to change the budget as law.

Republicans are saying things like “tax cuts cause higher revenues.” Democrats are saying that “Inflation increases the amount of money needed to carry out necessary programs” like Social Security or Medicare.

At least one (Democrat, I guess) has quoted Grover Norquist‘s favorite statement that he doesn’t want to eliminate government… he just wants to shrink it…until it is small enough to drown in a bathtub. (btw, was Grover Norquist ever elected by anyone, anywhere to serve in Congress as they decide on things like this?)

In the long run, if you are a.) a Democrat proposing legislation or b.) presenting a proposal by President Obama… even if legislation being proposed was sought previously by Republicans… you can assume that the large majority of Republicans will make sure nothing passes. That has been the situation since the 2010 election that brought in all the Tea Party folks.

Do not expect anything to happen this season that will actually solve our very serious problems. Ain’t gonna happen.

Tonight is Obama’s State of the Union Address…

President Barack Obama will deliver his State of the Union speech tonight at 9 p.m. EST. It is expected to last at least an hour, after which Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana will deliver the Republican response (there will be a Tea Party response from Herman Cain… don’t miss it. All speeches like this should end with humor.)

Obama is expected to use the State of the Union to pitch new initiatives on jobs, taxes and housing, in what will be billed as his opening salvo in a long 2012 election race. He will probably push tax breaks for bringing manufacturing jobs home from overseas, give ideas to help the troubled home-mortgage market and create incentives for alternative energy development. Expect him to call again for higher taxes on the wealthy – despite consistent Republican opposition – and to speak of further pressure on China over currency and trade practices.

There are a number of ways you can watch and follow the speech online. The official White House website, which will not only be streaming the speech live, but will be accompany it with charts, stats, and data that reinforce the address. On television, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC will all air the speech live. The Huffington Post will also run liveblog coverage of the event, accompanied by an embedded live video feed.

Some items based on recent Obama remarks leading up to the address:

“Before we take money away from our schools or scholarships away from our students, we should ask millionaires to give up their tax break.”

The President has promised to let the Bush tax cuts for millionaires expire at the end of 2012.


“[The Affordable Care Act] is making prescription drugs cheaper for seniors and giving uninsured students a chance to stay on their parents’ coverage.”

At least 2.5 million young Americans now have health insurance through their parents’ health care plans until 26 years of age. As of November, more than 2.2 million people with Medicare had saved more than $1.2 billion on prescriptions (I’m one of them. I support this whole heartedly. – Bill)


Expect the Republicans to make it clear that they will continue to oppose Obama’s positions… but also expect Obama to say that he will be seeking bi-partisan progress even though it is an election year.

It should be noted, however, that State of the Union messages have historically not effected increases in a President’s poll ratings (an exception being Bill Clinton’s 2nd address which increased his numbers by 3%.)

Getting Ready for the End of the Earth in 2012…

So the year 2012 starts on Sunday and we have a few possibilities (improbable as they may be) which can stagnate our minds in a thick depression if we let them.

The Mayan calendar, say. Sometime next December, the ancient Mayan calendar ends and with it, some disturbed thinkers claim, the world. So what will do it? What will make the world crumble and the pieces drift into the universe? Maybe some of the actions we might take along the way.

For instance, we might elect Newt Gingrich as President. This would make our military grow and perhaps bring us into a new and destructive war while wiping out all the aspects of government that deal with education, poverty and civilian participation. Then again, we might elect Ron Paul who wants to turn off recognition of Israel, turn on recognition of Palestine and acknowledge, but not indicate any changes, in remarks stated in racist newsletters in the 90s. These factors would certainly end MY world, and I’m not sure that they wouldn’t lead to ongoing destruction across the planet. What fun.

Or we might continue to ignore Global Warming (like the majority of Tea Partiers) or air pollution, or ongoing poisoning of our water, or the Monsanto chemicalization of our food. Then we might all be gone and who cares what happens to the planet.

So let’s celebrate the coming of 2012 and begin the campaign to educate and change the world (even though both Paul and Gingrich would end the Department of Education) and do what we can before it’s too late. As to the Mayans, they didn’t stick around long enough to update their predictions… but, hey, that’s how it goes.

This seems to be more than just Hopeful…

Steve Israel

Steve Israel

Nothing would make me happier than Republicans, and by that I mean The Tea Party (or the Koch Brothers Front) losing control of the House next year.

Steve Israel (see below) is right on the money here, and if those uncompromising righties don’t sign along with the rest of us to restore taxes on the Top 1%, then they will guarantee the loss of control.

Picked this up at Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire:

clipped from

Top Democrat Says Vote Will Cost GOP House Control

DCCC chair Steve Israel (D-NY) predicted to Greg Sargent that today’s vote to pass Rep. Paul Ryan‘s (R-WI) budget blueprint would ultimately cost Republicans control of the House
Said Israel: “When we win back the majority, people will look back at this vote as a defining one that secured the majority for Democrats.”
“Israel said that Dems plan to use the Medicare vote today to go on the offensive against Republicans from now all the way until Election Day 2012. Crucially, Israel said it would be used in every district, even ones that are marginal or conservative — suggesting that on Medicare at least, Dems are hoping to maintain a united national front, rather than letting the messsage be watered down in conservative districts that may be more receptive to GOP messages about fiscal conservatism.”
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Here’s a review of the Nevada election…

Republicans were a surprise voting block re-electing Reid over the Tea Party‘s nut case.
This from HuffPo:
clipped from

Harry Reid Toppled Sharron Angle In Nevada Senate Election With Many Votes From Registered Republicans

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid toppled Republican rival Sharron Angle in Nevada’s midterm election last month with support from a perhaps surprising voting bloc, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.
According to the Silver State-based outlet:

Preliminary figures show just 2,000 more Democrats than Republicans voted in Nevada’s general election, the secretary of state’s office said Monday. 

Because there were 60,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans at the time of the election, the figures are a clear indication that many Republicans cast votes for Democrat U.S. Sen. Harry Reid rather than for his Republican opponent, Sharron Angle, a secretary of state spokeswoman said.

Reid’s margin was a surprise in a race where a succession of polls showed a dead heat. But he had been there before, re-elected by 428 votes in 1998. 

Reid’s platform was power.

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Don’t let the Right tell you that they’ll be in charge of Congress FOR SURE. Not Yet.

From the Sunday NY Times, through Slate, to you:
clipped from

House Majority Still Up in the Air

There’s no denying that Democrats face an uphill battle next month when voters head to the polls. But so far at least, it’s looking as though even some of the most vulnerable Democrats are managing to hold their own. The “field remains unusually unstable at this stage of the campaign,” writes the New York Times. Republican strategists said that only half of the 39 seats they would need to control the House are considered a sure thing. And winning the House was always seen as a smaller hurdle than the Senate, where many races remain in flux and Republicans would need to win in some of the most liberal states in order to have a shot at the majority. Some Democrats say they have benefited from the rise of Tea Party candidates because they have made Democrats and independents take notice. The one thing that’s certain is there are so many close races that voter turnout will be crucial.
The New York Times
| Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010
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We now enter the age of Tea Party Arrogance…

Joe Miller, who won the Republican nomination in Alaska with the support of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, isn’t arrogant. Gee, no, not at all. That’s why he cut a bunch of Tweets from his Twitter account. Fortunately, The Mudflats, my favorite Alaskan site, saved a screen dump before he cut them:
So… he’s shopping for office furniture and looking for a House and the election hasn’t happened yet. And Lisa Murkowski has decided to run as a write in… so it’s a 3-way race. And I understand Alaskans don’t like arrogant politicians.

This is one to watch.

I don’t often feel bad for Republicans… but after the Delaware Primary, I have that feeling…

The Delaware Republican Party yesterday had a Tea Party Candidate, Christine O’Donnell, tromp the party endorsed candidate for their Senate nomination.

“[P]ublic records show O’Donnell has no steady income, no savings, no investments and owns no property. She rents a room out of her campaign office, which is a town home in a residential community.”

– DelawareOnline

Shortly after dropping a gender-discrimination suit against her former employer, a conservative printing firm that fired her for misusing company resources, she began her Senate run. She is also facing an IRS lien for $11,000 in unpaid taxes.

Take a look at the NY Magazine article that I’m printing the opening paragraph of and you’ll see what I mean (just her notion of what “carbon dating” means is pretty outrageous.) Delaware has always appeared to be a small but advanced State, well ensconced in the 21st Century… now it has an opportunity to go in reverse direction.

Read on:

clipped from:

GOP’s Delaware Senate Nominee Christine O’Donnell Not a Big Fan of Evolution

Christine O’Donnell won’t have to lie about this Senate race. She won the Republican nomination for the Senate in Delaware fair and square, against a much more experienced, much more moderate, much more respected opponent, nine-term congressman and former governor Mike Castle. Now that she’s the nominee, the Republican Party will likely abandon the woman the chairman of the Delaware GOP recently said “could not be elected dog catcher.” Perhaps, in addition to all the things that have already come out about O’Donnell — tax questions, misuse of campaign funds, a trail of lies, some interesting thoughts on masturbation — they know how much remains left uncovered. Such as that, on March 30 of 1996, in her role as the spokeswoman for the Concerned Women of America, O’Donnell debated the merits of evolution on CNN, and she was not a fan.

Read the rest HERE.

Now that Labor Day has past, here comes the Campaigns…

September and October are going to be the big campaign months for the 2010 elections and this is the only opportunity for the Democrats to turn around the really bad numbers that are coming out in the in the polling reports. At the same time, they are going to have to do more than campaign… actually find a way to make employment figures go up or, failing that, to shift the responsibility for unemployment back to the Republicans who gave us the Bush economy.

Then there is the Tea Party movement to consider and whether that will actually help the Repubs or split them. That all depends on the who’s  and where’s (the Nevada Senate race being one of the prime locations… perhaps saving Harry Reid’s career.)

I’ll be watching Manchin’s Senate race here in West Virginia where it looks like he’ll get a big majority… but that could change.

Make yourself a new T-Shirt, Teabagger!

If you go to I’m Voting Tea Party you can pick up one or more of 11 designs like this one:

Then you can campaign at the top of your lungs just about anywhere and be recognized as one of America’s most …what?…stupid.
Here’s another:

I love these. They just MEAN SO MUCH!

Fun With The Tea Party…

TPM Muckraker gave an amusing recount of this story today… I’m wondering when these Tea Partiers are going to learn anything…
clipped from
Plan To Harass Muslims With Dogs At CA Rally Collapses
In the end, the people trying to stop the construction of a mosque in Temecula, California were vastly outnumbered by the crowd welcoming the growth of the Muslim community in Riverside County. Last week, we told you about the plan by some conservatives opposed to the construction of the new mosque to show up over the weekend outside the Temecula-area Muslim group’s current digs to tell those inside they weren’t welcome. To prove the point, the group planned to bring dogs — which one protester characterized as pretty much the Muslims’ mortal enemy, saying that Muslims “hate dogs.”

Here’s how it all turned out: the anti-mosque protesters were outnumbered by pro-mosque supporters, the local tea party disavowed the protest and called it hate speech, the protester we talked to dropped off the face of the earth and only one dog made it to the planned protest.
It was a fittingly unexpected end to an extraordinary tale.
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The Tea Party Bunch Wants to Follow the Founding Fathers


Thanks to

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Focus on Tea Partiers

There was a lot of Tea Party coverage this week…

Bruce Plante in the Tulsa World:

It’s that 100% that always pokes its head through.

– and –

Nick Anderson in the Houston Chronical:

… and the blind shall lead the blind.

– and –

Chan Lowe in the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

and their Medicare coverage….

Today’s the Day

OK, Health Care Legislation Fans, today is the day that the House of Representatives should pass the Health Care bill and then send it to the Senate for reconciliation.

I know the Republicans won’t just throw their hands up, so watch out for unexpected feet in the door. My guess is that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner sat up really late last night planning whatever they could to keep this from coming off… and neither of them are going to concede the issue and get on board. Some Republicans might, however… Some may realize that their leadership has bought them the real election problem in November.

Once Health Card is in place, with the Jobs bill that was passed the other day and the things that come in over the Spring and Summer, the Democrats should regain everything they need to hold onto the Congress. The only folks they have no chance with are the Tea Party types who, as we have seen lately seen (Joan Walsh’s current article in Salon is a good summation) are really more racist and ultra-conservative in the Bachmann-Palin mode. They aren’t going to change and maybe they can just be voted away.

Anyway, once again politics will take precedence over basketball with me. Perhaps with you, too?

The Tea Party Movement Has a Competitor

Let’s hear it for Annabel Park of Silver Spring, MD, who, when really upset by the Tea Party Movement and it’s Fox News promoters, started a response movement in her living room: The Coffee Party Movement. And, wonder of wonders, it has caught on… enough so that I’ve added Coffee Party to my blog rolls.

Here’s the Coffee Party Mission Statement:

The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them.

And here is Annabel on how she started it all:

Interested? Then go HERE and join the Coffee Party Movement. I did.

So where did the Tea Party Movement come from?

Kstreet607 over at The Fifth Column supplies us with this video collection which gives us the Tea Partier’s roots (giggle giggle).

Let’s take a trip down the not too distant past and see what exactly got the “tea partiers” all riled up:

Watching The Tea Party Convention

C-Span has been running the videos from the Tea Party Convention in Nashville all night, and I started watching when I got up in the morning… and, believe me, this is scary stuff. I especially was taken by one Joseph Farah, who is the Founder, CEO and Editor In Chief of WorldNetDaily.

This is scathing stuff about the country’s move to Socialism over 90 or so years, the Marxist description of President Obama, and the focus on changing our underlying culture with its non-political organizations away from the socialist-leaning entities that, he says, they have become.

It is particularly frightening to me because Theatre is one of the areas (Entertainment Industry) that Farah fingers and encourages his followers to overcome.

He ties everything together with ACORN (which he seems to think is an openly Obama-operated organization) and uses that connection to attack the poor, the immigrant population, etc., with the notion of “turning make believe crises into real crises… and why?… to take away our freedom and the American Way of life.

Is it dangerous to have this stuff up on TV… even at 6 in the morning? You bet it is. But, if like me, you believe in free speech, which I don’t think Farah does, you have to let this crap go on. If you want to accept his notion that Obama is using Government to replace God for Americans (and here I will go beyond my own non-religion base), then you will see that he is calling for an Above The Government control of the population.

If you see, as he does, that our elected leaders are a judgment on us and that we have to find tea-party-related leaders to elect, then you are already removed from freedom.

Time to actively work against these monsters.

What costs $549 per ticket and a $9.95 fee, plus hotel and airfare, and is aimed at the ordinary guy?

Why, the Tea Party Convention in Nashville next week. This has become so expensive that many of the Tea Partyists are pulling out… people like Representatives Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, and Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee (see below – a poster I found at Hysterical Raisins), two scheduled speakers who have canceled their appearances.

Of course, Sarah Palin hasn’t pulled out of her speaking engagement (or the $100,000.00 fee she is getting for it)… but a lot of other ordinary Teabaggers are pulling out and this looks like a real downer for the sponsors (who are being accused as profiteers.)

More to come…