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Quote of the Day – Time for us all to get involved…

“The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are shining a light on one of the most serious problems facing the United States — the greed and power of Wall Street.  Now is the time for the American people to demand that the president and Congress follow that light — and act.  The future of our economy is at stake.”

Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders hits it right on the head. For my local fans, Occupy Martinsburg is starting this weekend… let’s get out there and see what Shelley Moore Capito (millionaire, btw) is going to do about it.


So last week was Tea Party Week… maybe this will scare the rest of America enough to stop criticizing Obama and join ranks…

Take a look:

Let’s make this week Democratic Week…

Quote of the Day – from Madison, Wisconsin

After 4 days of protesting, Wisconsin Union employees and students continue their peaceful protest against Republican Governor Scott Walker. Thousands of them are there, but Tea-Party supporters of Walker are coming in. mostly from out of state, with counter protests. Meanwhile, Democratic State Senators remain away from the Capitol, avoiding even a discussion on Walker’s anti-Union legislation.

This from Graeme Zielinski, spokesman for the Wisconsin Democratic Party:

“It is my belief that the Republicans will generate and propagate the idea that these are not the peaceful protests that they are. They hate that democracy is happening in the way it should, instead of the way that Scott Walker wants and fashions in the Capitol, which is with no debate, no discussion, no deliberation, no speech. They hate that we have been peaceful and will continue to be peaceful, and they want to create and use a mythology to promote their agenda, which is absolutely harmful to the working man.”