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Second Day Summary of the RNC from TPM:


Here it is in 100 seconds:

Amazing… it’s all there!


In Case You are Gearing Yourself Up for Michelle Bachmann’s Personal Response to Obama’s State of the Union Message, Maybe you should take a look at her grasp on history…

We started learning about the Civil War and the ending of slavery around the fourth grade or so, and certainly we knew about Lincoln freeing the slaves by the time we entered high school. I thank Anderson Cooper for presenting this astounding look at Bachmann’s understanding of our history on CNN last night:

Are there conservatives out there who still support this dindong for the Presidency? She claims to be a leader of the Tea Party Movement and, frankly, I believe her.

Funny Line of the Day:

Chris Matthews commented on Michelle Bachman being put on the Intelligence Committee:

“I wonder what the rules are for getting on that committee? Pretty lenient, I guess.”

The 112th Congress Gets Sworn In Today…

… and then the fun begins. It has already been scheduled for the House to present legislation to repeal the Health Care Bill on Friday, an action that will not be supported by the Senate and cannot possibly go through. It is being called “symbolic.”

They will open the first session of the House by reading the US Constitution in its entirety. This is most certainly another “symbolic” event and is being done in deference to the Tea Party movement. When brought up by new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, he confused the wording of the Constitution with the opening of The Declaration of Independence… so maybe it is a good idea that they actually listen to what IS in the Constitution.They might not find what they are looking for, however.

Editorial Cartoonist Ben Sargent summed up the call for sticking to the Constitution by the Tea Party folks in this great cartoon:

So let’s keep our eyes and ears open as the new Congress starts us off on two years of political fun. It looks like a blockbuster couple of seasons for The Daily Show.

Rand Paul has final debate with Conway in Kentucky…

Last night, in the final Rand Paul – Jack Conway debate for the Kentucky Senate seat, Paul decided to act like a real politician and ignore the actual questions that he didn’t want to answer, and changed the subject on some of the most important ones.

This from Salon:

Take, for instance, the subject of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past six months, you remember Paul’s notorious interview with Rachel Maddow back in May, when he objected to Title II of the act, which outlawed discrimination in restaurants, hotels, motels and other establishments that engage in interstate commerce. “Had I been around,” Paul told Maddow, “I would have tried to change that.” Only later, after a torrent of criticism rained down upon him, did Paul publicly state that he would have supported the entire ’64 Act.

When he was asked at Monday’s debate to calm any concerns voters might have on the issue, Paul played dumb. “I never said that I believed anything remotely regarding segregated lunch counters,” he said. “I never said I was for a repeal of the Civil Rights Act.” Then, without elaborating any further, he claimed that the entire controversy was manufactured by his Democratic opponent, Jack Conway, who “doesn’t want to talk about a balanced budget and term limits and reading the bills.” Before you knew it, Paul was praising the Tea Party movement and bragging that he’d drawn 1,000 supporters at a recent rally in Paducah.

Steve Kornacki in Salon’s War Room

And outside of the debate, Paul’s supporters were acting like stormtroopers… which one woman from (which is one of the most Ghandi-like non-violence movements I know) found out in a most unpleasant way:

I think what Harry Shearer said about Rand Paul is true:

The political spin on Paul is that he’s worrisome because he’s not within the standard lines of the modern political debate. I’d suggest he’s worrisome because he is.

– Harry Shearer

So now we have the rest of the week to watch this campaign where Paul is still favored in the polls (but Conway has been inching up). This will be quite an indication of the intelligence of the Nation.

A Quote for the Political Season – What is the Tea Party?

“The tea party is racist. Its followers have deployed a brilliant strategy to deflect charges of racism by using a form of the legislative provision known as severability. Whenever a tea party group or person is “caught” with a racist sign, or saying explicitly racist comments, they simply “sever” that person from the movement by saying, “That person does not represent the tea party.” They get away with it because they claim the status of a “movement” with no structure, leadership or cohesive identity except allegiance to the three magic phrases: “Constitutional Republic,” “Founding Fathers” and “I want my country back!””

Rev. Madison Shockley in Truthdig.

Sound too simple? Read his whole post HERE and then tell me what you think.

Lou Dobbs, Hypocrite

Ask the man who built his reputation by stomping on Illegal Aliens while he was on CNN and as he tours Tea Party events raising the undocumented employees as an election issue, and he’ll tell you that these people should not be hired.

Unless, of course, they are being hired by Lou Dobbs.

This story from The Nation Institute exposes Dobbs’ violation of immigration law in his own hiring… it’s not really pretty:

There are rumors that Dobbs may seek nomination for office in 2012 (President, perhaps?) and this indicates just the kind of guy he is.

Joe Conason on the Tea Party…

I was watching Robert Scheer, Editor of, on Book TV this afternoon and when I was looking up his background I found this article Joe Conason pur up on Truthdig last week. I’ll give you some of it here, but go in and read the rest:

Lies of the Tea Party

Posted on Sep 29, 2010

By Joe Conason

For Americans still suffering from persistent unemployment, falling incomes and rising inequality, politicians of either party probably generate little enthusiasm. Yet although political ennui is understandable, the disaffection and demoralization of Democrats have created a dangerous political vacuum that is being filled with misleading data, urban legends and outright lies.

Indeed, the entire tea party movement was founded on false assumptions about the economic program that probably saved the country from a second Great Depression.

The nascent protests that came to be known as the tea party began as angry populist rants against the Troubled Asset Recovery Program (TARP), that notorious “bailout” of drowning banks and insurance companies, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the “stimulus program.”

Red-faced traders and furious housewives joined forces against what they wrongly called “socialism,” warning that our freedom was endangered, and that the nation might soon perish under burgeoning inflation and draconian regulation. They grew even more frantic when the Obama administration directed hundreds of billions of dollars in TARP funds toward the auto industry in loans and shares—more socialism!

The real reason behind the irritation of the traders and their spokesmen on cable television was simple enough. The government had restricted their usual obscene bonuses in recognition of the fact that they had been saved by taxpayer funds from their own gross misconduct—and should not be rewarded for surviving on the teat.

As for the tea party housewives and their cohorts, the motives ranged from xenophobia to paranoia. But as the recovery lagged—and the Obama White House failed to communicate its aims and achievements—those typical symptoms of right-wing delusion showed up in a broader segment of the voting public.

In the meantime, the Republicans and their allies in the media managed to mischaracterize the president’s health care reform bill as both a “government takeover” and a gift to the health insurance industry, although in reality it was neither. Most Americans who say that they dislike the bill have very little knowledge of its actual provisions—which are quite popular when polled individually.

…to see the whole piece go here:

Mayor Bloomberg calls Tea Party “A Fad”

clipped from

It might be more an embarrassment than a fad.

Mr. Bloomberg described the Tea Party movement as a fad, comparing it to the short-lived burst of support for Ross Perot in 1992. The mayor suggested that the fury it had unleashed was not a foundation for leadership.

“Look, people are angry,” he said. “Their anger is understandable. Washington isn’t working. Government seems to be paralyzed and unable to solve all of our problems.”

“Anger, however, is not a government strategy,” he said. “It’s not a way to govern.”

Mr. Bloomberg said he wanted to see more of the cooperation once displayed by Senators Orrin G. Hatch and Edward M. Kennedy.

He said that he would not have voted for either of them (“one because he’s too liberal for me, one because he’s too conservative for me”), but added, “These two guys who went into the Senate together and were the closest of personal friends for 40 years, they were everything that democracy says a senator should be.”

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I hope the Mayor is right. And I hope we can elect folks to the Senate who DO work together despite Party affiliations.

Things are just getting worse in government every day.

How the Taiwanese Animators see the Christine O’Donnell/Tea Party win.

I love these guys. Their views are so…uninformed! But funny.