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A Quote for the Day – Taxing the Rich…

Obama says Republican Leaders Must Bend on Taxes – especially in restoring tax cuts for the rich.

Speaking at his Press Conference today:

“If you are a wealthy C.E.O. or hedge fund manager in America right now, your taxes are lower than they have ever been. They are lower than they have been since the 1950s. And they can afford it… You can still ride on your corporate jet. You’re just going to have to pay a little more.”

– Barack Obama

A quote for the morning…

“Here’s the truth: The only way America can reduce the long-term budget
deficit, maintain vital services, protect Social Security and Medicare,
invest more in education and infrastructure, and not raise taxes on the
working middle class is by raising taxes on the super rich.

“Even if we got rid of corporate welfare subsidies for big oil, big
agriculture, and big Pharma – even if we cut back on our bloated
defense budget – it wouldn’t be nearly enough.”

Robert Reich

And you can be sure, in an election year, no one is going to even whisper about this.

Jobs. The Problem and the Solution.

I should have linked you to this article on Ramona’s Voices a week ago…Ramona has put together a great summary of where we are with the unemployment problem, and has put together the obvious solution… and backed it up with a number of links.

Here’s the beginning of her article:

The consensus, no matter who says it and why, is that American manufacturing industries are no longer of Americans, by Americans, or even for Americans. It’s beyond a worrisome rumor, it’s an established fact: American manufacturing, compared to manufacturing world-wide, fills a niche no bigger than the size of an ant farm box.

Let’s face it, the people in charge of keeping Americans working are not just incompetent or oblivious, they’re the next best thing to the enemy. The public sector is beyond just aiding and abetting the private sector, they’re right down in the trenches with them. Such a cacophony from Big Money, from the Right Wing, from the keepers of the status quo. Who could blame the people in charge for lending them an ear?

You kidding? We could! We should! A whole lot of us DO!

You can go in and read the fest HERE.

And let’s consider the real solution here… taxing the rich and creating jobs through social problems, a la FDR. One more selection:

Oh, and by the way: We need to tax the hell out of the filthy rich and make them pay. Then we need to spend what they’re forced to fork over on social programs and American outlets for gainful employment.

Tax and spend, that’s the ticket. (Note that I can say that without even once gagging or flinching.)

Thanks, Ramona… I certainly agree with you.