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Went to Green Drinks in Harper’s Ferry…

Green Drinks is a group that gets together once a month so that people with interests in conservation, green energy and related subjects can interact with each other. Elly has been going to this since it relates to Sustainable Shepherdstown. Tonite I went along with her.

There was a speaker this evening, something I’m told doesn’t usually happen at these events. His name is John Amos and his company is SkyTruth. This is an organization which uses satellite and aerial photography to evaluate the effects of oil drilling and shale fracking and other destructive things that people do to the earth. He has been especially involved with viewing BP’s oil leak history in the Gulf.

Amos gave a slide presentation with amazing pictures that got us all worked up and had us considering what we could do to help correct the situation… not an easy thing to do.

More on the solutions later.

Here in West Virginia’s Second District, I’d like to spread a message from John Case…

Why am I supporting Virginia Lynch Graf for United States House of Representatives in the  2nd district, WV, during this upcoming fall election?

• Virginia Lynch Graf is a person of integrity; she takes no money from special interest groups.
• A life-long educator, she supports job creation, job retraining, and quality education – integral to economic success.
• Graf supports green energy, carbon capture from coal, protection of our waters.
• Graf will work to make tourism our # 1 effort for economic recovery throughout the 2nd district.
• Graf opposes mountain top removal and strip mining which are destroying our beautiful state.

And of course, I am SO ready to send Ms Capito, who was a complete flunky for Bush for the entire 8 years, HOME.

Best wishes — and Commit to Vote on November 2!

My thanks to John Case (for whom I’ll be subbing on WSHC FM on Friday Morning and Monday – Labor Day – Morning. Please tune in) for sending out this message.