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Salon is having a limerick contest…


Five rhyming lines might be the ideal way to describe Mitt Romney’s ill-starred campaign fundraiser in Florida. If you can put a limerick together, you can enter Salon’s contest.

Here are a couple of competitors:

At a meeting in Boca Raton,

Mitt Romney was filmed by a phone

Limerick King Edward Lear

as he quipped to his host,

“Through this race I would coast,

If I just had a darker skin tone.”


This man of the uppermost class,

Who hopes to gain critical mass,

Leaves nothing to chance, sir,

But pulls every answer

Reliably out of his ass.

Send your entries to The deadline is 5 p.m. ET on Sunday. Please include your name and hometown. Good luck!


Boy Chased By Priest in Underwear Saved by Saintly Neighbors


This frightening piece from Cafe Mom. Why stories like this are popping up more frequently leads me to suspect religion even more…

This story almost sounds like a parody, like some twisted SNL skit, but unfortunately, it’s real. Around midnight last Sunday, some people were out in their yard, wrapping up a barbecue, when a 12-year-old boy came barrelling down the street, begging for help, saying that a man was chasing him. A few moments later, a man did, in fact, appear in his maroon underwear, no less, trying to get the boy to come back with him. Heather Rodriguez and her brother-in-law knew better than to hand over a scared, shaking boy to a suspicious man in his underwear, and decided to get the cops involved. It’s a good thing they did, too, because the “suspicious man” who was chasing the boy was a priest who had just allegedly sexually abused the pre-teen on an air mattress in his house.


Sitting over at Mellow Moods…

John Case was still away, so I did the morning radio show alone and unprepared… but it went OK. Now I’m over at the Mood for post-show coffee and talking with local friends who hang out here.

Can’t tell what the weather will be like for the rest of the day. It’s nice out now, but there are some dark clouds rolling over and it is a little windy… if we have rain later in the day I won’t be surprised.

Shepherdstown is setting up for an active weekend. Tomorrow is Eastern Panhandle Earth Day at Morgans Grove Park all afternoon and into the evening. There is the Really, Really Free yard sale on The Wall on German Street both Saturday and Sunday. And, of course, I have my regular WSHC show, Talk To Me, tomorrow from 11 AM to 1:00 PM.

Elly is doing a lot of different things today and, I guess, for the rest of the weekend, so I’m pretty much on my own. We’ll see how it goes.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

August is heading toward a close…

We’re moving through the last nine days of August… summertime is rolling to a close. The kids are back in school this week… Shepherd students are all over town and Elly’s Fall classes have started over in Hagerstown.

Our cucumbers and tomatoes have come in strong over the past two weeks and I’ve been pickling while Elly makes our winter supply of tomato sauce. This is the first year that we have put up so much stuff from the garden… a number of growing experiments paid off (and some just dropped dead!)

The Jefferson County Fair opens today… Elly has never been a fair-goer, but I like wandering around, watching the animal auctions, taking pictures and seeing what kinds of things grow in our area (we’re still in a Farming Belt, even though the Eastern Panhandle is the most sophisticated part of the State.)

County Fairs are a sure sign that summer is ending. This was the time of year in my Connecticut days that we would drive up to Massachusetts for the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield… something I did from the time I was a kid to the time I lived in CT as an adult.

So here we are… this is my first end-of-summer since retiring and I have some volunteer work to do for the American Conservation Film Festival and for the next production at Full Circle Theater (lights). And I’ve got my slot on John case’s radio show, where I’m now writing some short radio-dramas.

Have a nice Sunday.

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is this Sunday

It’s times like this that I appreciate They’ve got their new ones up now… just in time to send to your sweetie (and others).

This is, of course, an unpaid promotion… I love these guys!

So what do WE do on Superbowl Sunday?

As many of you know from past years, Elly and I have absolutely NO interest in football. And, while as designers and production directors, we get a kick out of the commercials that are made for the Superbowl,  they will be rerun on other television shows and on the web in a “let’s compare these things” kind of situation and we can see them there.

The sun has come out today and we have about 26 inches of snow to shovel and get off our cars… that will take up some time. This is also, usually, one of the best movie days on television… plus C-Span radio replays all the Sunday News programs (which, even with channel switching, we don’t see all of) in sequence in the afternoon… a great service.

I’ve got lots of Hunting Of The Snark jobs to work on… and speaking of jobs, I have my daily search of the online classifieds for work and probably three or four applications to do there.

So Superbowl Sunday is just like most Sundays, except that most of our friends and neighbors are crazy.