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Starting the day in Hell…

Last night, on our way home from the MRI, we stopped at my daughter Penny’s to pick up our dogs where they were staying all day. Getting out of Cassandra‘s car and walking toward her house, I tripped over the base of my grandsons’ basketball net… painted black and invisible at night… and fell hard on the driveway and impacted my already weakened left side.

Getting up off the ground required really focused assistance from Elly and the girls who brought out a dining room chair for me to pull myself up using my right arm. This took about fifteen minutes and made my girls worry a lot.

While I don’t seem to have broken any bones, nor did I open any of the breaks I had in August/September, but my right arm hurts too much when I try to lift it that I’m really worried about what they are going to try to do at today’s exam in Hagerstown.

I spent the night switching between ice packs and a heating pad on my left shoulder and I have a little more movement, but not much, this morning. Elly made me a new ice pack for the morning.

I hope this doesn’t have the effect of cancelling Friday’s surgery on my head.

My radio show is short and earlier today…

Shepherd University is loaded with alumni this weekend and there is a home football game which is covered on WSHC starting at 11 AM. That means that my show, Talk To Me, is only 1 hour long and starts at 10 AM.

I’m putting my short list of songs on my playlist now and that will keep me from blog posting until I’m back home after 10 AM.

If you want to listen at 10, but are outside of the fifty mile or so tuning radius for 89.7, you can listen live on the WSHC  web site: When you get there, click on “Listen Live”.

Baseball Season Begins Today…

… and, in its honor, is my video of Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer (1888):

Have a good season. And go Red Sox!

I am so mad at CBS…

I absolutely hate Sunday nites when the creeps at CBS schedule 60 Minutes (which I wait for all week) at 7:00 PM and I make plans for my evening around it … then they let Football run over it’s time and change the schedule by one hour at the last minute!

The trick, of course, is that they think I’ll stay with CBS all night... so I’d like to tell them that a.) I don’t like football and b.) I have no problem turning off CBS and watching other Networks or Cable stations. I do feel very unsatisfied when my 8:00 PM plans have to be put in a “choose or die” mode if I have to watch 60 Minutes out of sequence (tonite I chose to watch Once Upon A Mattress on the Ovation Channel… and I didn’t feel like breaking away from it. It’s one of my favorite musicals.)

I think they should program football earlier in the afternoon since they ho it will, as it always does, breach the 7:00 PM deadline. I am not the only person who thinks so…I’ve brought this up before over coffee with friends and they feel the same way. So if you are listening, CBS, don’t turn off your audience of you don’t have to. It is unappreciated.

For the folks who heard us talk about the USA in the World Cup on Friday’s radio show…

The United States and England played to a 1-1 draw in their first World Cup Match. Who would have thunk it?!

Saturday Sports: Basketball? No… The House of Representatives.

OK… while many are watching the NCAA Basketball games, I’ll be watching the big sports action of the weekend: The Health Care bill in the House of Representatives.

CSPAN is showing BOTH the debates in the House and the Reconciliation Bill debate in the House Rules Committee (on CSPAN 2). The major players will all be out there, making the points or stalling to try and get the bill bogged down. Whatever happens today will determine what gets voted on tomorrow.

I’ll watch the Republicans push as many misstatements and lies as possible, challenge every rule and try to get this put off (the first Repub to speak at the Rules Committee meeting suggested how, if the Dems tried to be bipartisan, we could really get somewhere… in six years!)  I’ll watch the Dems restate every point to make it clear (and I understand at some time today all the House Dems are being called into a meeting at the White House today to get their energy up) and try to end run the Repubs whenever possible. How could Basketball even compare?

This will probably run well into the night tonite… time to get out the popcorn and keep abreast of the various blogs that will be commenting on every play.

Excitement and entertainment abound.