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A Great Night At “Sweeney Todd”

We went to see Sondheim’s  Sweeney Todd at Shepherd University last night and were treated to a really wonderful performance.

I’m always amazed by the professional quality of performance that comes from the Shepherd music students.. great voices, convincing characters and exciting choreography.

You’re not allowed to photograph the performance, but I took a quick shot of the set during the intermission with my iPhone:

Sorry for the quality… I was trying to pretend I was making a phone call while I took the picture… didn’t want to get arrested or dragged off to the audience jail hidden under the stage.

The show is running this afternoon at 3:00 PM and then next week on Friday, saturday nights and Sunday matinee. Then it’s over. If you get the chance, go to see it. No reservations at the Frank Center, but it is a very big house and we’ve never missed getting a seat there.

It’s well worth the trip (we went over in the middle of one of the rare snowstorms this winter.)

Here’s why I wish I was back in NYC…

My favorite musical is coming as a City Center concert…

If you go see the Stephen Sondheim/Arthur Laurents classic from the 60s, let me know how you liked it.