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I just spent some time looking at the Solar Roadways site… What a great idea!

When we talk about getting away from oil, coal and other carbon power sources and toward wind and solar, very few ideas seem to be massive enough to solve the problem. Lately we are seeing proposals for massive off-continent wind farms (Massachusetts and Maryland are currently pushing these) and other projects. But the idea of the Solar Roadway is not one we hear a lot of.

Take a look at this:

Here’s where to go to explore the project: It’s full of information to get your interest up… you can even see their TED presentation where Scott Brusaw was given 18 minutes to present it. It’s a really successful 18 minutes and worth your time.

A statement like this makes me wonder why the government isn’t getting involved here:
Everyone has power. No more power shortages, no more roaming power outages, no more need to burn coal (50% of greenhouse gases). Less need for fossil fuels and less dependency upon foreign oil. Much less pollution. How about this for a long term advantage: an electric road allows all-electric vehicles to recharge anywhere: rest stops, parking lots, etc. They would then have the same range as a gasoline-powered vehicle. Internal combustion engines would become obsolete. Our dependency on oil would come to an abrupt end.

If you are really interested in alternative power, go have a look at the Solar Roadways web site.