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Getting ready for more snow…

According to the weather rep;ort, we’re going to have snow tonight and into the early morning hours (before the sun comes out and melts it all off again.) That’s been the routine once or twice in this Spring-like Winter… not like the snow drifted Winters I grew up with in New England.

In a way, I feel sorry for kids who don’t get to experience the snow-fort building, snow angel making opportunities of February. Too bad.

The snow we’ve been getting here is half rain and very squishy… makes your shoes all wet. It’s very unpleasant to walk the dogs in (they don’t seem to like it either.)

Oh well, groundhog or not, Spring isn’t far away.

Looks like we got about 6″ of snow overnight…

Looking out the window, I’m dreading walking the dogs. Yesterday, I slipped and fell on an icy patch in the road in front of our townhouse and, remarkably, I didn’t let go of the dogs’ leashes, but I also couldn’t get up given my useless knees… my first devastating sign of old age.

Fortunately, someone was out shoveling their walk and came to my assistance with a large football player (a Shepherd student of course) who helped me tom my feet… but it left me worried about getting around all day. Now Elly is taking my car (I have All Wheel Drive) and heading off to work (HCC is starting 2 hours late this morning) and I am contemplating the terror of walking the dogs in this mess.

We have a rehearsal for “Claudie Hukill” tonite at Full Circle Theater, and I hope the streets in town get plowed out so there is parking. As I recall this time last year when I was directing “The Hunting of the Snark“, the opera for kids that I wrote in the seventies with composer Edwin Roberts, we had this kind of a snowfall which was followed by even more snow and we had to delay the production by two weeks. This could easily happen again.

We don’t get a lot of snow around here (the weather bureau says we get 20.9″ annually, but that is just a tiny percentage of what we got when we lived in Connecticut… they’ve had over seven feet already this year… and most of it comes in February. Just have to grit my teeth and get through this.

Cartoon(s) of the Week… Sooo many choices.

Jim Morin in the Miami Herald:

Sure… why not?

– and –

Clay Bennett in the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Boy, these southern cartoonists are really hit by the snow…

– and –

To get off the snow for a minute…

Tom Toles in the Washington Post:


What a great week for cartoons!


O, that this too too piled snow could melt
And wash like water down to the drains…

The sun is out and I’m hoping the temperature goes up enough to clear some roadway ice and let me get over to the grocery store for a few essentials that we have run out of.

We’ve just completed a second multi-day snowfall and the plowed piles outside are mammoth. It’s going to take a long time for this all to melt off… and, given our luck this season, it will probably snow again before it has a chance to disappear from the ground.

AccuWeather says it will be partly sunny and cold for the next five days with a good chance of some more snow by Monday. With any luck this won’t be moe than an inch or so and we’ll get right back to the sunshine.

I hope.

Just came in from walking the dogs in a BLIZZARD!

It’s an official blizzard today… winds going over 30mph with the snow falling and blowing around. However, that doesn’t mean that my 2 friends don’t go for their morning walk.

Nestle and Byron both have black fur, but they were all white (and wet) when we finished and came back in the house.

\One guy with a pickup truck and a plow is out clearing a roadway in front of the townhouses, but the weather on TV said we’re likely to get another 8″ to 12″ before 6:00 PM.

This will once again cancel Snark rehearsal… not sure we’ll get back into the theater until Saturday, if then.

Anyway.. thought everyone might appreciate this closeup of the Eagle’s Nest over at our
National Conservation Training Center… the live cam does a new picture every thirty seconds.

Looks like there’s a little fella in there wondering what he’s going to do about lunch.

So what do WE do on Superbowl Sunday?

As many of you know from past years, Elly and I have absolutely NO interest in football. And, while as designers and production directors, we get a kick out of the commercials that are made for the Superbowl,  they will be rerun on other television shows and on the web in a “let’s compare these things” kind of situation and we can see them there.

The sun has come out today and we have about 26 inches of snow to shovel and get off our cars… that will take up some time. This is also, usually, one of the best movie days on television… plus C-Span radio replays all the Sunday News programs (which, even with channel switching, we don’t see all of) in sequence in the afternoon… a great service.

I’ve got lots of Hunting Of The Snark jobs to work on… and speaking of jobs, I have my daily search of the online classifieds for work and probably three or four applications to do there.

So Superbowl Sunday is just like most Sundays, except that most of our friends and neighbors are crazy.

Waiting for the Blizzard…

OK… Friday morning and no snow yet. But they’ve already closed (or delayed) the schools and the grocery stores have been mobbed with people stocking up for the end of the world (I went to Martin’s yesterday afternoon, a really large store, and all 16 cash register spots were open with  long lines of people at all of them… on a THURSDAY!…I’ve never seen that before.)

I have an 8:30 AM appointment for a car inspection and with luck I’ll get everything over with before the snow starts.

Here’s what we really need… More Snow!

According to AccuWeather:

The mid-Atlantic region will be punished by an all-out snowstorm beginning Friday afternoon. At least a foot of snow will fall from northern Virginia to southern New Jersey disrupting all forms of transportation. Be prepared for major travel delays, and airports such as Dulles and Baltimore-Washington International may have to shut down operations for a time. The storm will taper off through the mid-Atlantic Saturday afternoon.

It’s going to look like this:

And, of course, Shepherdstown is right in the middle of the”Paaralyzing” area… so it looks like another rehearsal/set construction buster is on it’s way for The Hunting Of The Snark. I also have to get my car inspected tomorrow… hopefully before the snow starts…or face a ticket for getting my annual inspection late.

TS Eliot said “April is the  cruelest month”,  but he obviously didn’t consider February.


…and so far I’ve gotten calls that three people won’t be at rehearsal tonite. My guess is that the number of no shows will go up.

Damn that groundhog…

This show is cursed!



5 out of ten castmembers appeared tonite… fortunately two of them were the Beaver and the Butcher whose scene was on my list to do tonite.

So we did it a couple of times and closed down early.


20° Outside… walking the dogs is going to be a near death experience.

It’s that time of the morning where I weigh the immediate need for a second cup of coffee against the immediate need of Nestle and Byron to go outside for a walk. We are now three days past the end of the big snow and it’s still out there close to 2 feet deep on the ground, only now the road and the cleared paths are icy and slippery.

Nestle watches me as I ponder the empty coffee cup in my hand while listening to Morning Joe on TV arguing with Senator Barbara Boxer over whether or not the Insurance companies are making out like bandits with he Health Care bill. He doesn’t give a dog’s damn about politics, but he sure wants to go out and pee on the snow (which, in its own way, is not much different from the politics we are experiencing in the split party era.)

As it turns out… as it usually does… Nestle and Byron win and I’m about to bundle up and head for the poorly plowed road (a recent series of complaint letters from our neighborhood association to the powers that be notwithstanding.)

Have a nice day.

Snow on Under The LobsterScope until January 4…

…thanks to our hosts at We’ll have snow falling on our main page through Christmas. Almost makes me feel like I’m back in New England!