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Starting the third week of moving and we’re still not done…

So help me, moving again is going to take more will than I think I have. We’re still hauling boxes and artwork and clothes and other stuff from 322 Starkey’s to the new house and it is an ongoing exhaustion creator.

To top it off it is raining this weekend and our helper students have football practice for much of it. When this is all done I’m going to sleep for two days straight and then get on with my life.

This morning on my radio show I was stumped for the first time on a play challenge, but, in general it went pretty well. Except, of course, that we weren’t on the internet due to a problem with the provider that the station is having. I’m sorry my regular out-of-town listeners couldn’t tune in today.

The Summer Cold…

Since yesterday afternoon I have been running around with the symptoms of a summer cold. I got very little sleep last night, waking up  every  hour or so to a fit of sneezing and  a choking cough.

Last evening at the Folly at Bradley Sanders’ meeting to toss around ideas for the August Carnival. Between my sneezing sand wiping off my watery eyes, I tried to contribute ideas. As it turned out, I’ve volunteered to create a kind of shooting gallery booth. I’ve got just under 40 days. I went home after that and fell asleep in my chair… waking up with a sneezing fit an hour later.

After a night of very little sleep, I went over to the Morgan’s Grove Market and set up my chair in the shade at Ruth Raubertas’s booth. At noon, I came home, fed the dogs, took some NyQuil and fell asleep in my chair again.

I’ve got to shake this before tomorrow when we are taking two of our grandsons, John and Jason, to DC to visit the Smithsonian.

Getting ready for an eight hour EEG…

The neurologist has scheduled me to come in Sunday morning to take the 8-hour EEG to see if they can find out if there is anything unexpected that caused my seizure last week. I’ve felt like another one is coming ever since it happened…at least I haven’t felt quite right. If this is me getting to the end of my game I’d at least like to know it…know what’s causing it.

Eight hours! that seems like an awfully long time. Plus, I’m supposed to be sleep deprived before I take it (which, given the way I don’t sleep anyway shouldn’t be a problem.) Of course, the seizure could have been caused by extremely low blood sugar which, with my diabetic condition, can happen.

I’ve just got to make it a little longer than three more months to reach age 65, something my father never did. That’s my short-term goal. Not sure what I’m going to do after that. Full Circle Theater announced it’s 2012 season and there’s nothing there for me to direct. I’d like to direct something somewhere while I still have my creativity intact. I’ve still got the radio show on Friday mornings. And I’m working seriously on starting my podcast(s)…that I can do from home. Other than that there’s not much left in my bag.

8 Hours! Whew!

Marking time before rehearsal…

I’m up in the light booth testing the area lights for Thurber Carnival. Everything is rough, but it’s all working pretty well. We’ll see how well in tonite’s run through. The countdown to opening begins with this rehearsal… three days left after this to get it all together, then, however it is, we give it to an audience. That’s Community Theatre.

Right now, I’m tired. Not much sleep last night and a small-but-time consuming amount of housework to finish before I could get over here (I’ve started referring to myself as Housewife Man – my internal comic book hero), plus two dog walks and their feeding schedule. No afternoon nap today. Maybe I’ll sleep all night tonite (doubt it.)

Tomorrow in the morning I’m back at Washington County Hospital for an E.E.G. I’m told this is a painless brain scan, so I just have to spend the time… don’t have to be driven by someone else as there is no sedative. Next rehearsal tomorrow night… I’ll get here early enough to reposition lights we decide to change at this rehearsal.

OOOPS… time for runthrough!