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Boy Chased By Priest in Underwear Saved by Saintly Neighbors


This frightening piece from Cafe Mom. Why stories like this are popping up more frequently leads me to suspect religion even more…

This story almost sounds like a parody, like some twisted SNL skit, but unfortunately, it’s real. Around midnight last Sunday, some people were out in their yard, wrapping up a barbecue, when a 12-year-old boy came barrelling down the street, begging for help, saying that a man was chasing him. A few moments later, a man did, in fact, appear in his maroon underwear, no less, trying to get the boy to come back with him. Heather Rodriguez and her brother-in-law knew better than to hand over a scared, shaking boy to a suspicious man in his underwear, and decided to get the cops involved. It’s a good thing they did, too, because the “suspicious man” who was chasing the boy was a priest who had just allegedly sexually abused the pre-teen on an air mattress in his house.


Old Men At The Top…

…are destroying the Catholic Church. That’s the consensus on the news shows this morning and from my point of view…and I admit to being an atheist and not remotely a Catholic…this is the most outrageously VISIBLE leadership crisis of a major organization that I have ever seen.

Here we have the people in power, right up to the man at the top, the Pope, not only accepting the perverse sexual humiliation and abuse of young boys but handing out rewards to protect the biggest offenders. The anger which is being expressed by ordinary Catholics as a result of the clear cover-up of the situation by those responsible is leading to calls for the Pope to step down, something I don’t recall EVER happening in the past.

Bob Schieffer on Face The Nation summed the situation up pretty well yesterday… this is much more than a PR issue:

As to what happens next, no one is sure. For me, I look at this as one of the major problems with religion in general… there is no real ethical basis towhat people have long expected to be the source of all ethics. We’ll be watching closely.