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Thanks to all of you who have called and e-mailed after my accident…

So many of you have wished me well. I am still in some pain in my ribcage (I’m  calling it “airbag shock”), but, in general I’m feeling much better.

Several have asked what caused the the accident and the best I can say is “I don’t know.” Essentially I had a blackout seizure and when I finally realized where I was I was 30 miles down the road having hit two cars and a power line. When I noticed a police car behind me and I pulled over, I had no idea what was going on, or that the whole front of my car was just about gone.

Somewhere in the course of the accident I lost my Superfocus glasses… I terrible loss for me. We don’t know yet of the insurance covers the loss as part of the accident.

Anyway, they’re not likely to let me drive again unless they can figure out what causes the seizures (apparently I’ve had a couple of other ones, not while driving, over the last couple of years. Most of these include lapses of time that I don’t remember, either.)

So my computer and I will continue to travel the world… but I won’t be getting out of the yard unless someone else takes me.

In case you missed Stephen Colbert testifying yesterday…

…here he is before the House Immigration and Agriculture Subcommittee:

So now there is a debate as to whether this was effective or merely entertaining. It sure got a lot of people looking at the migrant fieldworker situation.

Watching CNN this morning, the opinion of the newsman was that this was a bad move by Zoe Lofgren, the subcommittee chair who invited Colbert to appear.

And, of course, Fox News has weighed in with this statement:

His “testimony’ was an embarrassment to himself, his country, the Congress and the entire issue of immigration reform. It amounted to nothing more than a bad comedic monologue.

My opinion, of course, is that Colbert was right on and Congress was a little more interesting to watch yesterday… and the point was made.