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From: The Malicious Malefactors of Mistruths, an article by Eugene Elander

Mr. Elander wrote this very good evaluation of the Republican Senators’ deceptive behavior in the current Senate debate on the Health Care Bill. I read it in OpEd News while watching the live C-Span2 coverage of the next stage of debate and voting on the Reid amendment to the plan.

Here’s a clip… but go and read the whole thing HERE:

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I was struck by the duplicity of Republican senators, including even those like John McCain for whom I had once had some respect. After reading carefully-selected portions of Obama campaign speeches on health care, McCain quoted a biased columnist to the effect that most of the American people deplore health reform.
But worse than those misrepresentations were the mistruths of many Republican Senators who whined endlessly about how the President had not consulted them on health care legislation. They need a lot of treatment for memory lapses, as early in the process of designing an improved health care system, the President courted Republicans on many occasions, including special invitations to the White House to provide their input. Some one hundred and sixty one amendments to the evolving health care bills were based on that Republican input.
That is much more consultation than they ever gave the Democrats on anything, when the Republicans controlled Congress for many years.
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The Senate Gets Going on Health Care Bill Tomorrow…

…but its going to be tight. This click from Talking Points Memo is a good start on summing up the problems and potentials… it’s worth going to TPM and reading the whole thing:
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Leading Democrats on Sunday said they expect Congress to pass a major healthcare reform backed by President Barack Obama, but supporters may have to accept legislation that falls short on some issues.

“We want to cover the uninsured, yes, but we don’t want to do it in a way that’s going to drive up the costs for folks who currently have it,” said Senator Evan Bayh, one of a number of centrist Democrats whose support will be crucial to pass the overhaul in the face of solid Republican opposition.

In an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” Bayh said he would push to make sure the legislation is cost effective but acknowledged that not every senator will get what he wants.
“I don’t think we can afford to do nothing with costs going up 10, 15 percent a year,” Bayh said.
The stakes are high for Obama.
But some liberals, including independent Senator Bernie Sanders, insist the bill include a public plan, arguing that it would help contain insurance costs.
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