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Quote of the Day – everything in perspective

“Now, Teddy can rest.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to Vicki Kennedy, widow of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA)

Did anyone hear Barney Frank’s comments on the Brown election?

There is a good article at Salon… here’s a small clip:
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By the time it happened Tuesday night, Republican Scott Brown’s victory in the race to replace Sen. Ted Kennedy was hardly shocking — polls had been predicting that outcome for some time by then. But there were some surprises on the night, perhaps none bigger than a statement from Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., in which he seemed to adopt a new, defeatist tone on healthcare reform legislation:

If Martha Coakley had won, I believe we could have worked out a reasonable compromise between the House and Senate health care bills. But since Scott Brown has won and the Republicans now have 41 votes in the Senate, that approach is no longer appropriate. I am hopeful that some Republican senators will be willing to discuss a revised version of health care reform because I do not think that the country would be well served by the health care status quo. But our respect for democratic procedures must rule out any effort to pass a health care bill as if the Massachusetts election had not happened.
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Hey Connecticut Friends… Joan Walsh shows Scott Brown for what he REALLY is…

Smiling Scott Brown Slurs Obama

This from Joan Walsh in Salon… if it makes you angry, I hope you get good and mad before Tuesday and come out and vote for Coakley.
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Who is Scott Brown, the man who could realistically replace Sen. Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, and launch a Republican resurgence that points to the end of Barack Obama’s presidency? He got off one of the great lines of recent campaigns when he was asked in a debate about taking Kennedy’s seat and said, “With all due respect, it’s not the Kennedy’s seat, it’s not the Democrats’ seat, it’s the people’s seat.” He’s right, and Democrats including Brown’s opponent Martha Coakley have been moronic to act like he’s wrong.
Brown is also a cipher who’s backed by right-wing Tea Partiers and Birthers while trying to dodge the association. He’s shrugged off connections with the Tea Partiers while attending a fundraiser they held for him; check out their Facebook page organizing against Obama’s visit Sunday. Brown poses as a reasonable Republican, but told a reporter during the Republican National Convention that he wasn’t sure President Obama was born within wedlock.
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