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Political Humor – The Mutt Romney Blues

This is dedicated to my pals Nestle and Byron (thanks for the great walk, guys.)

Have a nice Thursday evening.

On the Oil Spill Front…

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BP Tees Up Asset Sales to Pay For Spill

LONDON (Reuters) – A day after BP said it would sell $30 billion in assets to pay for its Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the focus shifted to what is for sale, while lawyers prepared to tackle a mountain of claims for damages.
Just 24 hours after gaffe-prone Chief Executive Tony Hayward’s head rolled from the chopping block, candidates for the auction block hit the headlines, as BP aims to slim down to recover from the thumping losses racked up in the 100 days since the start of the environmental disaster.
Sources with direct knowledge of the matter said BP was in talks with India’s Reliance Industries and Essar to sell retail assets in Africa with an estimated price tag of $500 million.
Investment bankers said the assets BP could sell include its stake in Alaska’s huge Prudhoe Bay oil field and its interest in Pan American Energy in Argentina, as well as smaller assets in Vietnam, Pakistan and Colombia.
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Is $30 Billion enough? Certainly 4-5 months of destruction comes in at more than that.

Today was release day for Apple’s iPad… looks like 150,000 sold so far

That doesn’t seem like a lot to me somehow. Then again, using Easter weekend as the sales time might not have been the best move (100,000 of the iPads were actually pre-ordered, so the day only sales are even lower than expected).

Well, I don’t have one… and, as I sit here entering this on my MacBook, I don’t think I will be likely to get one in the near future. I have seen neither the need nor the affordability to make it a go.

Let’s give it some time, though. After all, I still can’t afford an iPhone.



CBS Sunday Morning said 700,000 sold. Don’t have a source for those figures however.

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday.

It has only been in the last couple of years that stores gave actually referred to “Black Friday” in their post-Thanksgiving-sale ads… There was a time that they didn’t really want you to know that it was the point on the fiscal calendar when they went into the Black…or started to earn a profit, as opposed to being in the Red, or losing money. Once upon a time the retailers did not want you to know how tenuous their existence was… it would be more like begging than selling.

This year’s Black Friday is supposed to have an increased number of shoppers from last year, but it is not likely that they will actually make an increase in sales… and it is possible that they won’t go into the Black today, but may continue to be in the Red right through the year’s end.

Speaking for myself, unemployed and very low on funds, this is not a shopping Black Friday for me. I believe that there are a vast number of folks like me as well… folks who are thinking of MAKING holiday gifts for Friends and family, or buying less expensive and more practical things… grocery store coupons, perhaps… for giftgiving. I won’t be helping retailers get into the Black this year… not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t afford to.

I have been watching the commercials on TV pushing the Black Friday Specials from store to store. There is a sense of desperation here, hiding under an advertising agency mask of granting special favors to beloved customers (something which happens rarely in economically profitable years) from a powerful friend who just knows you need a new blender or washing machine. I feel for them… I really do.

But today, Black Friday, I’ll be staying home.